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How to use Google Classroom ?

Google Classroom is a free web-based platform developed for schools. Classroom can saves paper and times that make it very easy to create classes and distribute assignments. With the help of Google Classroom teachers can easily who have completed the work and then give real-time feedback to the students. With Google Classroom customer service users can easily get more information related to Google classroom from the professionals.

Are you thinking to use Google Classroom? But don’t know how to use it? Then don’t be tensed. The process of using Google Classroom is not an easy task but after obtaining correct information, you can easily use it. You can also dial Google Classroom toll free number to obtain relevant solutions from the certified experts.

Here are the steps given below to use Google Classroom:

  • First of all, go to
  • Now click on + icon which is available at the top right side and then click on the Create class.
  • Now enter a class name and section into the given field and then click on the Create tab.
  • After that, click on the About section where you need to provide some basic information such as class name, teacher email and Google Drive folder details and then click on the Save.
  • Now your student can sign up for the Classroom and get in touch with you.

Why Need Google Classroom Customer Service Phone Number

If you are not capable to understand the above steps of using Google Classroom, then call on Google Classroom customer service number and obtain highly reliable support from the technicians. These technicians are highly skilled and they will provide better information to use Google Classroom within simple manner. You can dial this number across the globe that is accessible at 24/7 hours for every user.


Jennifer McManaman

09 July, 2019 17:47:20

Can I schedule a time for a screen share to troubleshoot why I cannot see the scores for quizzes created for the students in my Google classroom? If so, is there any availability tomorrow?

Kashinath S. Chari

30 July, 2019 09:54:34

We are using google classroom from long time .now we want to customize classroom whith college logo and name also with more details please help me if it is possible ready to pay the cost

Kathleen A DeRouin

02 August, 2019 12:10:27

I created classes and want to do a poll. The sign that is supposed to be on the bottom right of the screen so that I can Ask is gone. How do I get it back? Can you send me the steps? School email:

Grant Jonas

12 August, 2019 22:53:32

Hi. I am a teacher trying to set up google classroom for my students this year and I am not able to create classes as it is saying I am a student. I am signed into my school google account and am still unable to create/manage my classes on google classroom.

Joed Graf

21 August, 2019 12:55:07

I am using Google Classroom for the first time and have used Canvas and Blackboard before. My question is since I will be having the students take chapter exams on another site, can I create an assignment (quiz) which would allow me to manually enter grades? everything else will be submitted via Google Classroom Thanks Joed Graf

Crystal Mays

26 August, 2019 18:10:26

Hey! Is there a limit on how many classrooms you can create? My google classroom account won’t allow me to add or delete any. Please guide my footsteps.

Ruqqiya Dean

29 August, 2019 02:04:59

We are an office 365 school. Our students all have outlook email addresses. Are we able to use Google Classroom with outlook email addresses? We would like our learners to have only the office 365 email address. Thank you

Lynette Young-Golding

30 August, 2019 15:07:22

I have a student whom was in my period four whom has been changed to period five. She can log into all of her other classes; but, she cannot log into either period four or five. What can I do?


06 September, 2019 18:13:19

I am a teacher in PGCPS. For some reason,I am not able to create a class anymore...only join a class. When I was learning how to use the format, I attempted to archive a class. SInce then, I have not been able to add a class. Can you please assist me in this matter. I contacted you guys a year ago, but I did not receive a response. Thank you!

derrick derrell moore

12 September, 2019 13:46:03

i want to post a quiz (previously made) that can be graded by google classroom. how?


13 September, 2019 13:43:01

Hello, I am a teacher, but cannot create a class for my students. I can only join. i have been using this platform for many years, but this year I am unable to create a class. Please advise.Thank you so much


16 September, 2019 13:00:33

How can you ensure that students in your classroom will receive announcements on their phones (preferably through text messages)?

Richard Chew

04 October, 2019 20:14:27

One suggestion: when I post new material, it announces it on Stream, however, I cannot delete the Stream announcement. It tends to lead to a very cluttered Stream page. Thank you!


05 October, 2019 16:07:07

How do i get the "Grades" sections to pop up at the bottom along with Stream, Classwork, and People. I need to see all the students and grades at the same time. Thank you!

Rhoda Yates

06 October, 2019 11:00:39

After material disappearing from Class room 3 times (requiring work to be redone by a busy teacher) I have no straight answer from IT. They claim that it goes through the router and modem to the cloud where it stays until use. However, it keeps disappearing so they claim it is a fault with Google Classroom. Why do you keep erasing our entries? Is this a fault with Google Classroom?

Amy dosen

31 January, 2020 16:41:40

I need to report Anna Le hart murray from google classroom for doing inappropriate things on there. Please contact me ASAP for further questions. Have a wonderful day.

Christine Dougherty

06 February, 2020 14:50:03

I need help with my google classroom. Is there someone that can assist me?


07 February, 2020 09:27:09

Hi! I would find it useful to be able to ad documents to existing tasks and be able to give each student a copy without reposting all of them.

Catherine Meagher

14 February, 2020 17:00:30

Good morning, My name is Catherine and I am writing to inquire about an issue I have been having with Google Classroom average calculation. I have been using Google Classroom as well as Google Gradebooks to calculate the averages of 3 different classes. When I import the grades from Google Classroom into Google Gradebook of the 3 classes, the averages of 2 remain the same, while the 3rd has a difference of between 6-10 points. Google Gradebook has a feature that allows me to check their calculations for errors or flaws. However, with Google Classroom there is no such feature. Therefore, I am unsure as to why there is this discrepancy between the two averages for just one class and not all three. If you could assist me in this regard I would greatly appreciate it.

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