Why is my Computer not working or stopped

Computer ,has now become one of the basic need for every such person who is a student or a business man or a employee or he is running an organization etc. To a far extent, computer has reduced so much of human work load and time required in doing any task. You can make documents, can create presentations, can create graphs, can write notes and also, if you are connected with internet, you can get any kind of information in a blink of eye. So, computer is a must.

This technical box called Computer may get some technical problem. While working on the system, you may find that your computer not working properly. As , Computer consists of both hardware and software, the problem may be due to any issue with either of them. When computer faces some technical difficulty, it is designed in such a way that it pops up a message about the problem. This problem may be due to hardware issue or software issue. Few possible hardware issues are listed below :

Hardware Issues:

  • Computer is slow because of the hard drive is fragmented or fail to start the system.
  • May be there is no enough RAM or ROM.
  • May be the CPU is very much Old.
  • Display is not proper, may be the graphics card or card driver is corrupted.
  • The system is taking too long to start , may be the motherboard is affected or network card driver is corrupted.
  • Blue screen of death , again a graphic card problem.
  • System is making unusual noises.
  • Computer get heated quickly, may be damaged cooling system.
  • May others.

Software Issues-

  • May be the operating system has been not installed properly or it is corrupted due to some corrupted files.
  • May be any application is not installed properly.
  • May be the operating system is of very old version.
  • May be the antivirus is creating the problem, not supportive with the OS.
  • Any system file is corrupted.

Why your computer turning on

When you are in the middle of something important on your system and suddenly you find that computer not working or showing error messages, you feel frustrated. You should immediately call at any computer service center and tell the technician about the issue. It is recommended that you should always save your data and take a back up of important files. The technicians are available on phone so you can call at any working hours and ask them about the solutions. Many computer service centers have executives who can come at your home and resolve the issue on request. So when you see that your computer not working, it is recommended that you should try little bit of troubleshooting by yourself , if you understand the problem. This can be done in a way

  1. If you find the error message from any software, you should remove and add it again with the more secure and latest version.
  2. You can check weather the problem s due to antivirus then remove the existing and install the latest one.
  3. May be any application is not supportive then remove it and check out for other options and install them. It is recommended to use the authentic software.
  4. If any drivers are not installed properly then , remove the existing and install new ones

Still, your computer not working properly then you should call and ask the executives and be assure of effective technical support.

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