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Optonline email consists of various functions of advanced service like Custom Folders, Vacation Messages, SpamScrub, and many more. Protection against junk mail is provided to before it affects the email performance. Large size attachments can be sent along with the emails over the protected server. Outside interference is prevented and it is nearly impossible to b reach the security of the email service.Other than all the effective features there are also various problems faced by the Optonline users. Optoline user faces common problem like not able to access the email account or account management problem or security issues. The best way to get the effective solution is by contacting the Optonline technical support as they are handling the email problems on regular basis. Here in this article some of the best solutions for problems are tried.

How to reset Optonline email password?

The most common problem that the user faces is lost account password. If the user has lost the Optonline account password then the best way to recover the account emails is by resetting the account password. Here are the steps to reset the Optonline password –

Step 1.Visit the Optonline login page and click on the option of forgot password.
Step 2.Next enter the Optimum ID and also the cacptcha code displayed.
Step 3.Select the process to receive the temporary password from alternate email address or phone number.
Step 4.Click ‘I do not have access to the above’ if the user don’t have access to any of the options. Answer account related questions and validate the identity.
Step 5.Once the user gets the temporary password then use that password for email login and then change the password from the account settings.

Some common issue resolved by Optonline customer service team

Another common issue is problem in sending or receiving emails. Now there can be various reasons behind the issue. One of the reasons can be incorrect server settings. There will always be problem in email syncing if the email settings are done incorrect. Given below are the correct Optonline settings but if are again facing issue then contact Optonline technical support–

1.IMAP (Incoming)

Server: mail.optonmail.net

Port: 993 (IMAP – Secure with SSL)


2.SMTP (Outgoing)

Server: mail.optonmail.net

Port: 465 (SMTP – Secure with SSL)

POP3 (Incoming)

Server: mail.optimum.net

3.SMTP (Outgoing)

Server: mail.optonline.net

Port: 587

First let us look at some of the common Optonline email issues faced are –

  • Email not accessible using other devices.
  • Optonline email configuration issue with other clients.
  • Not able to upload or download an attachment.
  • Various error messages are displayed while trying to access the email account.
  • Email notifications are not displayed effective in the device.
  • How to access the Optonline account using Android or iPhone device.

Try out the troubleshooting steps whenever the user faces problem in the access of the optonline account –

  • Check the network connectivity and verify there is proper internet connection.
  • Check the browser and clear all the browser history from the application.
  • Disable any firewall or firmware recently installed.
  • Update the browser if not updated for a long period.  

Esay way to communicate Optonline technical support phone number

Contact Optonline technical support and get the solution at the best rate. support expert will take the inputs and diagnose the problem. Once that is done then providing instant solutions are easier. Support team is available 24*7 for the help of Optonline users.      

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