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VK is a Russian online social networking services. founder Pavel Durov was released in October 10, 2006 . vk is available in multipal language but this is popular for russian country. vk is use to publicly and privately,create a group and so on, If you are vk user then we invite you to get a complete view of the areas where vk tech support is contributory. we are providing a get instant solution of vk.

Some Highlighted Features of VK

Below section there some vk features:

  • Text messaging 
  • News
  • communities
  • Like & comment button
  • Play video game
  • Streams video live
  • Play a music online 
  • Photo Sharing

VK provide a tool for manage all community and celebrity page, the site allow it user for transfer messaging,share a photo,create a community,news,video and music & many more.but some time vk users facing like password recovery issues or any other then don't wasting time call vk tech support phone number.

How To Sign Up VK Official Account?

If you want to sign up your vk account but you don't know how to active vk account then follow the below steps here:

  • Visit official website of vk.com
  • Now go to sign up option
  • Now enter the first name then enter the last name.
  • Now enter the date of birth 
  • Then select your gender
  • Now click on sign up button.
  • Now you see account validation page only for security reasons where are see auto selected the country and another text box enter the mobile number.
  • You get one activation number for your register mobile number
  • Then enter this activation number & now your vk account ready for use. 

If you are follow the above steps but you are not able to ragster your vk account then don't wast a time and call vk tech support number.

VK Password Recovery Phone Number

If you have signed in using your mobile number then you can reset your password via sms. And if you have signed in using your e-mail id then you can reset through your respective e-mail id. furthermore, you'll be able to retrieve your password through it. but if you are not avail to reset a password of vk then contact us vk password recovery team number.

If you need more assistance regarding this then you can get in touch with the vk technical support representative on available 24/7 toll free number


Muhammad aziz

11 January, 2018 09:09:11

I forgot my vk account password, how to solve it let me know

Tyler davis

11 January, 2018 09:36:58

Some reason when i logged into my account it said i was banned from vk. I am not a bot and i dont harass anyone So i dont understand

Robert Lubawinski

13 January, 2018 09:56:34

Hello Someone hijacked my vk account Can you please help? Thank you

Ben Gaffinet

16 January, 2018 06:24:33

Good afternoon, My VK account is definitely no longer under my own control. I constantly get emails telling me that people accepted my friend requests without me ever sending any. Ideally I would like to close down the whole account as it is inactive for quite a while. Thank you Sincerely Ben Gaffinet

Jimmy smith

15 February, 2018 15:49:42

Was wondering why I got banned from your account for posting a profile pic of myself

Vladislav Demidov

20 February, 2018 09:56:57

Hello, I would like to delete my old profile of which I can not remember anymore the log in data. The telephone number had already be changed, and I cannot remember my old one. I hope you can help me. Here is the link to the profile: https://vk.com/id441708211 Thank you. Best regards, Vladislav Demidov

Vincent mallari

28 February, 2018 22:19:40

I wish to reset my password on my vk account then number that i have given is still working can you please send me my pass on the mumber given and it is also my username thanks

Oky Akbar

24 March, 2018 18:58:06

Hello, i forgot my password, how the solution ? ID/Username : 6282235847462 Thanks


13 April, 2018 22:26:55

I have sent a request to recover my account can I cancel it I used my phone number to send the request ASAP like right now at this moment

Jyoti Mayee

16 May, 2018 02:36:31

I forgot my vk account E-mail or log in n password also , how to solve it let me know

Jyoti Mayee

16 May, 2018 02:39:21

I forgot my vk account Email or log in n password also, how to solve it let me know.


01 June, 2018 19:42:34

Hello, my name is Lubomir. My page VK was hacked (Lyuie Masly) not sure how long ago because I didn’t stop for a short time. And now I can not even change the password and the phone number changed. Friends said that someone started using my page for sales. Advise what to do in such cases?

Jason Decker

05 June, 2018 09:40:08

Still having issues with the page. I believe he is no longer using my name but the password keeps changing and it is still linked to my email.

Dave Burns

18 June, 2018 18:37:20

In the USA. I have some thoughts and ideas to share. May we do it here or as a reply to your call or email?

Abdennour Djema

01 July, 2018 13:12:34

Hello, someone hacked my profile from russia and changed everything in my account including the phone number, but he could not change my email adress, please help me get my account

India prasanna

03 July, 2018 12:17:18

When I log in to my account,it says that I was banned.I want to solve this problem.please help me.


06 July, 2018 11:03:06

My girlfriend vk account was hacked by her ex boyfriend and he published her half naked photos that she has in her phone an he changed the log in and password, we need Help, she lives in ukraine


11 July, 2018 06:24:19

My account was blocked for no reason. Can you help me to get it back


10 August, 2018 20:52:19

Hi. The last few days I have been asked to reset my password multiple to times. After which someone has gained unauthorized access. The account has been permanently suspended due to the intruders illegal misconduct. The suspension of the account is no concern but it also placed my phone number on the blacklist for which i can no longer use VK at all anymore. I would like to be able to use VK again and be if possible to bind my IP address. It would be nice if i were to be alerted when breaches or login attempts from other countries are made to prevent further damages. Thank you.

Helmi ali

04 September, 2018 10:03:35

I forgot my account email or telephone number, can you help me? Because i will use the account to bind a mobile legends account!! My in vk Helmi Ali-Munawar


12 September, 2018 05:40:17

Cant pass "are u a robot" code. When i paste it correctly its give me fking "ERROR".

Eileen Snow

30 March, 2019 17:51:42 I signed up for vk incorrectly. I was supposed to sign up as part of a group. Please delete delete this account so I can sign up correctly. And then email me me so I can know when to proceed. Thanks!!!

Mark Dodd

07 April, 2019 05:57:26 I cannot change my phone number or password.. I recently moved back to America and I do not have my Russian phone number.. please assist me with a way to change my number, so I can change my password please.. thanks. Mark


09 April, 2019 17:51:46 I have spent the last week and a half trying to get access back to one of my account with minimal to no help. My account was suspended for an honest mistake. I only use it to play the game crisis which I have spent at least $1000.00 US on. Can someone here get in touch with me to help gain access back to my account as support on the site do not respond to questions

Vincent Duquesne

14 May, 2019 14:18:33 Dear Sir or Madam, Mr Musy has asked for our assistance and to represent him with regard to a problem relating to a publication on your website. After a webcam blackmail, a person uses her personal video and photos to broadcast them. There content in question are visible at this website address : https://vk.com/videos537738638 There is others videos of several victims. Mr Musy want this content to be completely deleted from your servers in the shortest possible time. Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this request. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further details. Sincerely, Vincent Duquesne Net Offensive (E-réputation Agency)

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