Change Apple Id On MAC


Users who are utilizing MAC Devices should have Apple ID for themselves so that they can access their device accordingly. Having an Apple ID is very beneficial for any Apple device users as it syncs all the other products like mail, calendars, applications with that id so that the users can make use of it easily.

Creating Apple id is really simple as it requires user name and password for it. On the other hand if the users are willing to change their Apple id on their MAC devices then they can do it by following the steps hat are made for this purpose. Many a times the users forgets their password or face various other issues related to the Apple id for which the best solution is to change apple id. The steps that are made to change the Apple id should be followed very carefully so that the users don’t face any more issue while accessing their Apple device.


  • First of all the users need to open their MAC devices.
  • Then they are required to go to the Apple menu option and from there select on the system preferences menu.
  • Further, the users need to click on the icloud option.
  • There the users will see a sign out option which the users are required to select.
  • By doing this the users will be signed out from the existing Apple account.
  • The icloud will take some time to log out and when it completes the sign out process then the icloud page will display the normal sign in screen.
  • Now the users need to sign in to the different Apple id that they need to change on their MAC devices.
  • If the users are new to it and don’t have any Apple id then they need to create one by going to the system preference panel.
  • In that panel the users are required to enter their details for the new account and should save it correctly.

Besides, many a times the users also search for how to change apple id on iphone 6 on the web to get the best solution for it. So, whenever this is to be done on iphone 6 then also the above mentioned step should be followed by the users. The steps provided above can be used for changing the Apple id on any Apple device be it MAC, iphone, ipad anything. Users should keep in mind that the steps for this needs to be processed carefully as any error in the steps will disable the changing of the id.

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