Change Xfinity Wi-Fi Password

Here the steps change Xfinity wifi password?

To change Xfinity Wifi password, the user first need to access and use their Wireless Gateway's Admin Tool Online. To do so, the user need to

  • Select a device that is currently connected to the network. In case none of the devices are connected then he or she needs to use an Ethernet cable and connect a computer or laptop directly to the wireless gateway
  • Then open a web browser
  • And go to the Admin Tool at, which is the wireless gateway's administration site. However the default settings include

1. Username: admin  

2. Password: password (case-sensitive)

  • Click Login with the new login information and password 
  • Then on the left navigation menu, the user need to select Gateway
  • And then Connection
  • And then Wi-Fi
  • Under Private Wi-Fi Network, the Name (SSID) of the WiFi network will be displayed and user need to click EDIT
  • Then check the box next to Show Network Password and the Network Key will be displayed above
  • Then on that same page the user can also edit the WiFi network information including
  • Changing the WiFi network name
  • Chang xfinity wifi password
  • Then click Save Settings

Change xfinity wifi password via xfinity technical team

The process have successfully change Xfinity wifi password network name and password and the user can thereafter connect to WiFi devices to the network. The user need to keep in mind that if he or she has changed any information they need to use the new information to reconnect all the WiFi devices to the specified network.
An XFINITY Internet customer can connect to any Xfinity WiFi without sharing the personal WiFi name and password, by using XFINITY WiFi. To do so,user need to access and use the Admin Tool in the XFINITY My Account App. Once the user have signed in and selected Internet then he or she needs to follow the Change WiFi Settings and Other Settings and choose Go to Admin Tool from the XFINITY My Account app. Then select Advanced Settings and make the necessary changes by using the default username "admin" and the password "password" to log in.


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