Why is my Hotmail not Working on iPhone and Android Devices Reasons and its fixes

Email clients are quite important for maintaining both professional and personal communication. They are extensively used even in the modern time cross the world, and Hotmail has always been a one of the most popular choices among users. Besides, the in-mail features offered by the Hotmail accounts are pretty much easy to use and safe as well.  In addition, one can also get access to all of the Microsoft services via their Hotmail accounts on both iPhone & Android devices.

However, there are times when Hotmail users do encounter issues with their email accounts due to various reasons. But they can be caused due to both technical and network issues. Besides there are some common issues that may cause your Hotmail not working in any of your devices. However, one can easily resolve such Hotmail issues without any hassle whether he/she is using the email account on iPhone or Android. Therefore, read this post further to know about common Hotmail issues and how to fix them on your own.

Common Hotmail not Working issues on Android & iPhone Devices

Since, there are number of users who have no idea about the common issues that usually occur on their Hotmail email accounts, they often face frustration when their email accounts don’t work properly. The following are the most common issues that may cause your Hotmail not working on iPhone or an Android device.

  • Hotmail accounts are getting crashed
  • Unresponsive Hotmail account or has stopped working.
  • Hotmail account login issues
  • Password reset & recovery issues on Hotmail accounts
  • User ID identification issues while logging into his/her account.
  • Accounts are unable to send or receive emails on Hotmail

Why Hotmail not Working Issues Persist? Here are the Reasons

There can be plenty of reasons due to which the users may think that Why is Hotmail not working. However, there are some of the most common ones that may cause their Hotmail accounts the aforementioned issues such as follows.

  • The web browser in your phone device isn’t compatible or it has been outdated.
  • Device incompatibility issues with the Hotmail current or previous versions
  • The Hotmail mobile application has not been updated for a while or it is incompatible.
  • JavaScript is not active on your web browser on any of your phone device.
  • Your phone web browser is exhausted with too many caches and cookie files.
  • There’s an antivirus or third-party application installed in your iPhone/Android device due to which your Hotmail account is not working.
  • Your Network or internet connection is not working expectedly or there’s a server outage.
  • Your Hotmail account is either suspended, blocked or compromised due to which you are facing the login issues.

Hence, the aforementioned reasons are the most common which the Hotmail not working on Android, iPhone or any other devices. However, you can easily get rid of such reasons and issues within no time. Read the next section to know more.

Get Quick Solutions for Hotmail not working on iPhone Devices

Incorrect Hotmail IMAP & STMP Settings

IMAP & STMP settings are important for both sending and receiving emails in your Hotmail account. If you are using Hotmail in iPhone then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Head over to your iPhone’s settings
  • Select Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  • Select Add account and then choose other
  • Select Add Mail Account and then enter the following details in their respective fields
  1. Incoming (IMAP) Server
  2. Server address: imap-mail.outlook.com
  3. Port: 993
  4. Encrypted Connection: SSL
  5. Outgoing (SMTP) Server
  6. Server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  7. Port: 25 or 587
  8. Authentication: Yes
  9. Encrypted Connection: TLS  

These steps will help your to fix Hotmail not working on iPhone issue. Hence, aforementioned reasons are the most common ones. You can also contact Microsoft technical support for any further assistance or help.

Top Methods to Resolve Hotmail not working on Android Devices

Whether you are using your email account on an iPhone or Android device, the following common fixes will help you resolve the common issues due to which your Hotmail not working.

  • Ensure That Your Device Has Access to an Active Internet Connection

Since, internet connection is the vital thing to get access to your email accounts, it is crucial to ensure that your internet connection is working fine. So, whether it’s an iPhone deice or an Android one, you’ll need to ensure that your WiFi or mobile data connection is working expectedly.

  • Remove the Cache & Cookie Files – Android

If your Hotmail not working on Android, then you’ll need to remove the cookie and cache files of the app from the device. Here’s how.

  • Go to the Settings section in your Android device, then pull up the App section, and scroll to the Hotmail application.
  • Next, tap on the app name, then look for the cache option, and tap on it.
  • Now, you’ll need to tap on the Clear Cache option and then all the unnecessary files will be remove and you can now have access to your Hotmail app.
  • Get Rid Of Any 3rd Party App From Your iPhone Or Android Device

In case, if you have installed any unknown or security application in your Android or iPhone device then there might be high chances that they could be interfering with your Hotmail application. Hence, remove any of them and reboot your device to have better access.

Furthermore, if you seek any further assistance, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-support at Hotmail. The tech-experts will surely assist you on Why is Hotmail not working.


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