Fix iPhone keeps restarting suddenly

Perfect Solutions When Your iPhone Starts Restarting

It may happen that your iPhone has started the complication of restarting and you do not have any idea regarding what you can do. In this case it is important for you to have a proper understanding regarding the reason for such malfunction and also knowing the process following which the whole system can be brought back. Knowing the reason is a very important matter. The task is not easy. So when your iphone keeps restarting apple logo then surely you will be needing the right support in this matter.

Why is my iPhone restarting again and again?

There can be two reasons beind this malfunctioning. The nature of the complication determines it:

  • In the first scenario you notice nothing unusual in the phone. Then suddenly you notice that the phone is restarting.
  • In the second scenario, the iPhone continues to restart in a loop where the Apple logo continues to come and go on the phone screen again and again.

For the both mentioned issues, you will need to follow the below mentioned steps. Those who are experiencing second nature of the problem can ignore the step number 5. So instead of wondering my iphone keeps restarting let us look into the solution.

1. Initiate the phone backup

Before starting with any kind of remedial process, backing up all the data in the phone happens to be a very important part.

2. Make the update of the iOS-

iOS happens to be the operating system of the phone and updating the iOS may give you a respite from the complications

3. Check the Apps properly-

It is not very frequent that an app is causing the phone to restart, bu it is not impossible either. So you need to go to the settings section for the apps and check there.

4. Make complete settings reset-

It is not that all settings reset solves the problem immediately, but there stays a high chance that when you do that, then the complication gets resolved.

5. Remove the sim card

The sim card is the connection to the wireless career of the iPhone, so the complication may resolve after removing and reinserting it.

6. Hard reset-

When after all these also, the complication does not go, then you will have to go for the hard reset.

7. Restoring the iPhone with iTunes-

Making the restoration of the phone with the hard reset erases all the memories of the phone and therefore, you will need to have a proper restoration. This is important to make the phone come to its original state.


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