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Google Classroom is a free web-based platform developed for schools. Classroom can saves paper and times that make it very easy to create classes and distribute assignments. With the help of Google Classroom teachers can easily who have completed the work and then give real-time feedback to the students. Google Classroom customer service users can easily get more information related to Google classroom from the professionals.

Are you thinking to use Google Classroom? But don’t know how to use it? Then don’t be tensed. The process of using Google Classroom is not an easy task but after obtaining correct information, you can easily use it. You can also dial Google Classroom toll free number to obtain relevant solutions from the certified experts.

How to start Google classroom?

If you want to learn how to start Google classroom you can learn from the below points to accelerate the process.

  • First of all, go to
  • Now click on + icon which is available at the top right side and then click on the Create class.

Create a Class

  • At the beginning of the process, you first have to login in the account.
  • Afterwards, you will be asked the identity of yours that you are a student or a teacher.
  • If you are teacher you must select that you are a teacher. If you do make a mistake, you need to contact your Google Apps administrator to rest the status.

Create an Announcement

  • If you entered the Google Classroom class it will redirect you to the class stream at a point where assignments and announcements are shown.
  • After creating an announcement which allows you to send the information to the network of your students and the teacher to share and transfer files.

Consider and adhere with the above information of Google classroom not working .Before making accounts make sure that you have a good range of signals or the internet connection which helps you to rise above the complexity of Google classroom code not workingApart from that if you need further assistance you can connect your call to the authentic department of the Google support to help you fix this problem.

Take assistance from Customer support to fix why Google classroom code is not working

Next to the Gmail, Google Classroom is widely acknowledged and accepted to helps teachers and students to communicate and which can be used to formulate and manage the assignments which do not require papers, or it works as a link between the students and teachers, for teaching from a long distance, and so on! 

Generally, It’s built on the top of the Google Docs and Google Drive, by which it becomes very easy to use and intuitive for any instructor. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring and waste. Google Classroom code gives you full of surprises you’ll encounter along the way. There are several ways by which you can fix the issue with the help of simple steps.

Know the possible reasons for Google classroom code not working

  • But sometimes if you are using a suitable account and still can’t able to join the class. That means that the account that you are using is not compatible with the account that set up the classroom.
  • It is advised to reset the code.

Learn the possible solutions to fix Google classroom code not working

School account

  • We called it by the name of the Education account or G-suite account.
  • This account generally set up by the accredited school.
  • It shows as

Learn about the Personal Google account

  • This account is generally set up for the parent or the guardian.
  • Most of the time we use personal Google account outside of the school setting.
  • It shows as

Make use of the G-suite account

  • This account generally set up by the Organization’s administrator.
  • It shows the name of the company.
  • If the user is unable to sign in with the associated email address and the password, it may be when the school administrator has not activated the classroom for the new student and the users.

Consider and adhere to the above information to get back to the account information. If required you can take assistance from the customer support team of the Google classroom, apart from that you can share the mail to the concerned department of the Google for Google classroom code not working.

Why Need Google Classroom Customer Service Phone Number

If you are not capable to understand the above steps of Google Classroom, then call on Google Classroom customer service number and obtain highly reliable support from the technicians. These technicians are highly skilled and they will provide better information to use Google Classroom within simple manner. You can dial this number across the globe that is accessible at 24/7 hours for every user.


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Jennifer McManaman

09 July, 2019 17:47:20

Can I schedule a time for a screen share to troubleshoot why I cannot see the scores for quizzes created for the students in my Google classroom? If so, is there any availability tomorrow?

Kashinath S. Chari

30 July, 2019 09:54:34

We are using google classroom from long time .now we want to customize classroom whith college logo and name also with more details please help me if it is possible ready to pay the cost

Kathleen A DeRouin

02 August, 2019 12:10:27

I created classes and want to do a poll. The sign that is supposed to be on the bottom right of the screen so that I can Ask is gone. How do I get it back? Can you send me the steps? School email:

Grant Jonas

12 August, 2019 22:53:32

Hi. I am a teacher trying to set up google classroom for my students this year and I am not able to create classes as it is saying I am a student. I am signed into my school google account and am still unable to create/manage my classes on google classroom.

Joed Graf

21 August, 2019 12:55:07

I am using Google Classroom for the first time and have used Canvas and Blackboard before. My question is since I will be having the students take chapter exams on another site, can I create an assignment (quiz) which would allow me to manually enter grades? everything else will be submitted via Google Classroom Thanks Joed Graf

Crystal Mays

26 August, 2019 18:10:26

Hey! Is there a limit on how many classrooms you can create? My google classroom account won’t allow me to add or delete any. Please guide my footsteps.

Ruqqiya Dean

29 August, 2019 02:04:59

We are an office 365 school. Our students all have outlook email addresses. Are we able to use Google Classroom with outlook email addresses? We would like our learners to have only the office 365 email address. Thank you

Lynette Young-Golding

30 August, 2019 15:07:22

I have a student whom was in my period four whom has been changed to period five. She can log into all of her other classes; but, she cannot log into either period four or five. What can I do?


06 September, 2019 18:13:19

I am a teacher in PGCPS. For some reason,I am not able to create a class anymore...only join a class. When I was learning how to use the format, I attempted to archive a class. SInce then, I have not been able to add a class. Can you please assist me in this matter. I contacted you guys a year ago, but I did not receive a response. Thank you!

derrick derrell moore

12 September, 2019 13:46:03

i want to post a quiz (previously made) that can be graded by google classroom. how?


13 September, 2019 13:43:01

Hello, I am a teacher, but cannot create a class for my students. I can only join. i have been using this platform for many years, but this year I am unable to create a class. Please advise.Thank you so much


16 September, 2019 13:00:33

How can you ensure that students in your classroom will receive announcements on their phones (preferably through text messages)?

Richard Chew

04 October, 2019 20:14:27

One suggestion: when I post new material, it announces it on Stream, however, I cannot delete the Stream announcement. It tends to lead to a very cluttered Stream page. Thank you!


05 October, 2019 16:07:07

How do i get the "Grades" sections to pop up at the bottom along with Stream, Classwork, and People. I need to see all the students and grades at the same time. Thank you!

Rhoda Yates

06 October, 2019 11:00:39

After material disappearing from Class room 3 times (requiring work to be redone by a busy teacher) I have no straight answer from IT. They claim that it goes through the router and modem to the cloud where it stays until use. However, it keeps disappearing so they claim it is a fault with Google Classroom. Why do you keep erasing our entries? Is this a fault with Google Classroom?

Amy dosen

31 January, 2020 16:41:40

I need to report Anna Le hart murray from google classroom for doing inappropriate things on there. Please contact me ASAP for further questions. Have a wonderful day.

Christine Dougherty

06 February, 2020 14:50:03

I need help with my google classroom. Is there someone that can assist me?


07 February, 2020 09:27:09

Hi! I would find it useful to be able to ad documents to existing tasks and be able to give each student a copy without reposting all of them.

Catherine Meagher

14 February, 2020 17:00:30

Good morning, My name is Catherine and I am writing to inquire about an issue I have been having with Google Classroom average calculation. I have been using Google Classroom as well as Google Gradebooks to calculate the averages of 3 different classes. When I import the grades from Google Classroom into Google Gradebook of the 3 classes, the averages of 2 remain the same, while the 3rd has a difference of between 6-10 points. Google Gradebook has a feature that allows me to check their calculations for errors or flaws. However, with Google Classroom there is no such feature. Therefore, I am unsure as to why there is this discrepancy between the two averages for just one class and not all three. If you could assist me in this regard I would greatly appreciate it.

angeles solana

26 February, 2020 15:13:18

i created an scheduled assignment that i need to modify and i cannot find it anywhere, can you please help me?


19 March, 2020 15:57:08

I have given assignments on Google classroom and those that do not have a Google account are directed still to sign in. Do they have to create an account or can they bypass straight to the assignment?

Kit Willock

20 March, 2020 13:23:24

I am a teacher that has just set up google classrooms for each of my classes. I also invited myself to be a student on my personal gmail account so that I could see the classroom as they see it to answer any questions my students may have. However, when I joined the class as a student, it does not show that I have joined under my teacher screen. How do I join the classroom besides just hitting "Join" under my e-mail so it will show that I have joined under my teacher account? Because I also want to send myself mock homework assignments to practice before we start online school with the entire class.

Carolynn Sanchez

23 March, 2020 17:38:42

when i tap on my google classroom on my phone app, it closes immediately when i tap on the stream.

Tracy Mortzheim

23 March, 2020 17:43:14

Hi! Is there a way to change the classroom banners on the Google Classroom App? If so, how do I do that. If not, could you please add that feature to your AWESOME app. Thank you so much for your feedback

Sharon Petersen

25 March, 2020 22:05:31

I am totally new to Google Classroom, and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. I have a super elementary question. How do I take an assignment in Word and move it over to forms? Does the handout have to be in forms or can it just be placed in classwork? If in classwork, will it be big enough for the kids to see? What a time to be new to this program, but I WILL get it. Thanks so much, Sharon Petersen

Tiffany Stinson

26 March, 2020 16:50:11

My Google classroom is not posting assignments or allowing me to reuse an assignment to post it to other classes. Please help asap. We, as teachers, are now teaching online due to the COVID-19 Virus.

MaryAnn Malkusz

02 April, 2020 08:15:00

I invited students by putting in their email address then clicked invite their name is in gray and there are no 3 dots on the side is this correct

Jason Matthews

07 April, 2020 18:56:56

We are trying to migrate to Google Drive and now that we are doing home schooling we want to add Google Classroom to our curriculum. However, there is an email that is associated with our school website, purpose, that no one has the credentials for any longer. What we need Google to do is recognize/authorize as an educational institution, and grant Google Suite for Education to that domain.

Summer Clark

11 April, 2020 04:58:16

I know this isn’t an option yet but, just wanted to throw an idea out there. I would like the ability to combine my 2 different google classroom accounts like in gmail. I have 2 different schools one is a technical school. Like in Gmail you can see all your Mail from all your accounts. Can you make it so I can see all my assignments from both my accounts. Please reply back with your comments. 😊

Margaret E Kiesle

15 April, 2020 15:52:07

All of the assignments I have commented on, posted, and returned are showing up as still assigned. What is the problem?


22 April, 2020 03:21:59

my students assignment questions got disappeared befire due date

Stacy Gaston

12 May, 2020 11:00:22

Hello, I would like to create my own classroom, however, there is no option to create a class near the plus sign. I contacted my admin. Is there any way to allow this adjustment on the customer service end? Thank you! Best, Stacy Gaston

Sandra Dolbin

16 August, 2020 22:36:37

Hi There, I love the way that you have linked Google Meets with Google Classroom. However, my administrator directed our entire staff not to use Google Meets because of the "open/active" link that the students can access even though the teacher closes out the meeting. Has your platform created a "fix" for this issue? I would much rather use Google Meets than Web Ex because of the seamless transition. Please advise. Thank you.

Yvette Brideau

23 September, 2020 19:18:24

Can I set up a meeting between 8:00 am and 10:30 am to go over some of the extension features with my colleagues and I. Or just by myself and I can turn key.

Jacquelyn Gilligan

29 September, 2020 18:27:14

I would like to know can I export grades into a Google sheet for data collection. I use the scores for data collection and not for grade books. What is the easiest way to export this whoke class data? Thank you?


16 October, 2020 19:06:50

Hello GC; I would like to ask whether or not it is possible to click on "on classes" when you delete materials rather than going one class at a time. Thank you.

María del Mar Manso Garcia

22 October, 2020 18:50:44

Good afternoon, I am a teacher in Trumbull High school in Trumbull, CT. I have been using all of your services like classroom, jamboards etc and I am truly grateful for all you do. As a teacher, I have a couple of suggestions: We can only schedule an assignment per class and sometimes we need to schedule the same assignment but to 2 different classes at different times. Could you work on improving that feature? Also, there is a set of 20 jamboards and most of our classes have more than 20 kids... Could you add 10 more so that we can have one per class and each student gets one slide assigned? I know that this is just a suggestion but this would make our lives so much easier! Thanks for all you do already! We could not run our school education without you!


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