Google hangout microphone not working

Google hangout microphone not working

Google developed a communication platform in the name of Google Hangouts to make the life of the user more easy and comfortable. The application includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. Google stated Hangouts, which was designed to be "the future" of it telephony product. Hangout provide conversations service between two or more users and that service could be accessed online through the other products of Google, which are Google Gmail or Google+ websites, or even through mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

There are situations when the Google hangout microphone not working or fails to work and in such conditions, those apps need to be given permission to use those resources. The sound preference pane in system preference might also need to set to use the computer internal microphone. To do so, the user need to

  • First click on the grey Apply in the finder menu
  • Then select System preferences
  • Click on the sound preference pane
  • Click on input tab
  • Select internal microphone from the portion of the windows that lists sound input devices

Here the steps when Google hangout not working

The users need to allow the Google Hangout to use the microphone. To do so, the user need to

  • First open Google Chrome
  • Then select Chrome Preferences
  • Then select show Advanced Settings
  • That will lead to Privacy section, where the user need to click on Content Settings
  • Then to enable the Microphone, the user needs to scroll down to the Microphone section and select the radio button
  • The radio button is visible next to Ask when a site requires access to the microphone. For some versions of Chrome, the section might be named Media
  • Then close the Chrome Preference tab 
  • When the website or app is access to the microphone, there will be a pop up display, which will appear to select either allow or deny access to resource

For any further assistance regarding any issue with Google Hangout, the users are recommended to visit the official website or contact the Google customer service 24X7 for Google hangouit microphone not working issues for expert assistance.

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