How can I Get verified on Facebook?

Many business account holders want to get verified on Facebook to establish credibility on social media. Facebook provides an online social networking platform and enables the users to expand their brand and make sure that they’re legit by verifying their account with a blue badge. If you also want to know how to verify the Facebook account with a blue badge, you can submit a request by filling out and submitting the contact form by following the below-mentioned steps.

Learn the Steps to get Verified Account on Facebook

  • First of all, get through an internet browser on your computer or mobile.
  • Now go to the official website Facebook and click on the ‘help center’ option.
  • Now go to the verification request page and start the verification process on the Facebook request a Blue verification badge page.
  • Choose your verification type. You’ll be provided with two options to choose from Page, and the other is Profile.
  • If your page or Profile represents a person, you’ll need your photo and details identification such as passport, driving license, or national identification card. 
  • If your page or Profile represents an organization, you’ll need your documents like phone or utility bill, tax exemption documents, etc., for the verification. Users must ensure that they’re not providing any false or misleading documents.
  • The next step to verify your account is by providing the details of why your page or Profile should be verified. 
  • Once you fill in the form with the reasons, submit the attached verification documents. Tap on the ‘send’ option from the bottom of the form.
  • Wait for the response from Facebook since there is no time set to get the response; however, it might take 24-48 hours. If you’ve submitted to get a business account verified, it may take longer since Facebook needs to review the documents manually submitted for authenticity. 
  • For denied requests, you can again submit a request after 30 days. Also, Facebook reserves the right to remove the verification badge at its discretion.

How many followers do you need to get Verified on Facebook? 

Users can have multiple followers on their Facebook, but the minimum number of followers needed to get your account verified is around 500. You can submit the request to verify your Profile or page if you have followers of around 500. Facebook also provides the facility to include your other social media accounts to show that you have several followers to warrant verification.

Can a Normal Person get Verified Account on Facebook?

On Facebook, anyone can verify their Profile or page; the only thing that matters is to meet the strict verification criteria to get your request approved. There is nothing compulsory that only business account holders or high-profiled users will get verified; if any users meet the company’s terms of service mentioned below, they can get easily verified. If you also want to verify your Facebook account, continue reading the below-written points.

  • Authentic 

The account to be verified must represent a natural person or business. If the service provider finds that the account holder is inaccurate, the request may get denied.

  • Complete 

 The person should be active on Facebook with all details filled in the ‘about’ section with a profile and cover photo. It should have a regular post on the account.

  • Notable 

The account that must be verified must be well-known and should have several searches online—the chance to get easily verified increases if multiple news sources and publications feature your account.

  • Unique  

The account or page must be unique in its way. It should represent something very different from other verified accounts on Facebook. Facebook generally verifies one account per business or person, with exceptions visible in different fields. And note that it doesn’t verify accounts for general interests. 

The points mentioned above can help you increase the chances of getting your account verified on Facebook. However, it would help to get your account verified quickly if you focused on looking different from other account holders or businesses. Users can do the same by posting regularly about their content and being active service provider members.


The information written above can help you know how to get a verified Facebook account in easy steps. You can go through the requirements needed to verify your account. If the users find any other difficulties, they can surely reach out to the customer service provider team for more assistance and information via phone numbers, live chat, and email. The links to these services are available on Facebook’s official website. The support team executives are well experienced and work efficiently 24/7 to assist the users in all possible ways.




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