How can I Recover my Disabled Facebook Account? 

Facebook comes in the list of most popular Social Media Platforms, and it is used by people across different corners of the World. But due to so many security considerations, users are needed to be considered. Sometimes the uses get indulged in an invalid activity on Facebook, and in this scenario, their account gets blocked out. In this situation, customers are needed to follow out the ways which we have mentioned ut in this article.

Why Facebook Disabled my Account Check out the Possible Reasons:

After getting out the overview now, we should take concern of the why Facebook disabled my account. Go throughout the reasons carefully:

  • If you are not using your real name.
  • In case if the user is posting out offensive content.
  • If the user is scrapping out the site.
  • In case if you are joining too many groups.
  • If you are sending out various messages.

How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account:

If you are looking to “recover disabled Facebook account”, you should go through the steps mentioned below. Readout them properly:

  • In case if the person performs the deactivation of the Facebook account, then the users can cancel out the deletion within 14 days, but if the14 days gets completed out, then there is no way o recover the account.
  • If Facebook has deactivated your account, the users will need to submit the request on Now it depends out on the reason for the account deactivation of Facebook; they will provide the guidance.
  • Finally, the only option left out in front of uses is to create a new Facebook account.
  • In case if the deactivated Facebook account gets recovered out, then it is essential for the users to take concern of the Facebook Platform rules regarding posting out the content.

Possible Ways for Recovering the Disabled Facebook Account:

There are various ways in which the Facebook account can be recovered out in which the user can “Reactivate Facebook account” then, you should be well-versed with the ways in which the account can be recovered out. Users are required to go through the detailed description provided below:

Recovering through Website:

  • In the first step, users are needed to visit out the official page of Facebook and sign in with the username & password.
  • In case if you have seen the message “your account has disabled”, and if it is the case, you can send out the direct appeal.
  • After completing the second step, you have to ensure that you have alleged any Invalid activity.

Recovering Disabled Facebook Account by Customer Service:

If you cannot follow these manual steps, you can also contact out the live person of the customer service department. They will offer you with the best assistance to recover the account. Live representatives can be easily contacted through Call, Live Chat, Email & others. The remaining 24 by 7 are available to assist the users if they get in trouble.

In case finally, if you have issues after reading out the instructions, then you can move to the official support page to get out professionalized assistance. Just select out the mode of conversation and move ahead for further more options at the support page.



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