How to change Cisco router password

If you have a Cisco router set up at your place and you want to change the password of your WIFI because your password is no more secure or you lost the password or there is no password set up on your WIFI yet. You can easily change or set up the new password on your WIFI. Cisco router password reset is possible by signing into the Cisco router settings.
You have to log in to the Cisco router login page and then you can create or change the password of your WIFI by following the instructions given below:

  • Open any web browser on the device which is already connected with the router for which you want to set up or change the password
  • In the address bar of the web browser, you have to enter the IP address of the router i.e. and then press enter
  • Enter the default username and the password from the sticker of the router
  • Now you will see the router settings
  • You need to click on the password and security option
  • Then you have to enable the WPK/APK security
  • Enter the password of the WIFI and then confirm it
  • Click on save

Once you are done with this your WIFI password will be set up or get changed. All the devices which were connected with the same WIFI will get disconnected once the password is changed. You need to reconnect the devices with the WIFI for the internet connection using the new password you just set up.
If you are not able to change or reset the password you can dial the number of Cisco customer service team and get the Cisco router password recovery done. You need to elaborate your concern with the technician over the phone and they will assist you with the WIFI password reset for your Cisco router.


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