How To Connect iPhone On Mac

iCloud is is just the software application which has been designed and even launched by the Apple company. This is basically the online software storage space where one can save there required files and data. And hence one can rely on there services as the data are kept saved and also it provides high security.

Many a times this particular question may occur that ‘how to connect iphone to mac computer’, and then people may go through searching the online and may not be able to get the proper and detailed solution regarding the same. So here is the proper description of connecting the mac to iphone. There are few given methods through which one can connect there required mac to there desired iphone which is as as follows :

  • Handoff
  • Universal Clipboard
  • Cellular Cells
  • SMS and MMS
  • Instant Hotspot
  • Auto Unlock

But below given is the full detailed information regarding connectivity through the Handoff method which is also the most easiest way to connect.

Connect iPhone To Mac Computer ?

User should follow up the below given steps-

Step 1: Now first of all, take your both devices which means your iPhone and your desired mac book with you.
Step 2: And then each of the devices should be signed in to icloud that too with the same Apple ID.
Step 3: And then see whether each device has turned on Bluetooth for the purpose of connectivity.
Step 4: Now the Wi-Fi has also been turns on each of the device which could be Mac, iphone, ipad, or ipod touch.
Step 5: Now after all this take your Iphone device, there you need to go to the ‘settings’ option. After that move to ‘general’ tab.
Step 6: In general you need to click o the ‘Handoff’ option. There turn off the Hand off.
Step 7: Now in the Apple watch, open the Apple watch app in your iphone.
Step 8: And then after that tap on ‘General’ and then click on the enable ‘Handoff’.

Contact iPhone Support Number For Your Problem

Hence the above mentioned steps are sufficient enough to take the common user to the proper way to there solution. And all the user need to do is just follow up the given steps as thoroughly as possible and hence can get to some solution. So, one no need to worry about and then get the satisfied solution fro them. But suppose if there is some problem related to the icloud or any other services which has been offered and launched by the icloud company then one should directly go to the icloud official and hence get satisfied with there iPhone support number. 


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