How to create a new Gmail account?

Mail account has become such a necessary thing in today’s world as is now required in each and different parts of the world. Half of the things users are definitely missing if they do not have a Gmail account. So if you do not have a mail account then immediately create one as this tutorial is solely meant for this purpose. They can anytime follow the below mentioned step by step procedure to create a new Gmail account. Users should know that they also have the facility to avail assistance from the best technicians in the market.

Steps to create a new gmail account:

Step 1: In order to create a new mail account first of all from the browser search and click on “Gmail” link which will make them land on the Sign Up page of the mail account.
Step 2: When landed to the Gmail sign up page users can click on “Create an account” which is present just below the sign in button.
Step 3: The sign up page will appear next which aunt anything but users will simply need to fill in all the personal information like name, username and password, date of birth, and mobile number for account authentication.
Step 4: After having done that users can enter the characters as shown on the screen and then they can accept to the terms and conditions and then click on the “Next Step”.
Step 5: Finally, users can then create a profile for themselves which can be used for mailing or any other Google service and click on save to create a new account and complete the sign up process.

How to create gmail account without phone number?

As the tutorial suggests multiple ways to create one mail account so here is another way through which users can create Gmail account and that too without having a phone number. Simply move down the below mentioned tutorial to get the effective steps and get the creation process effectively done. But in this case you will have to act as a kid as Gmail allow users to create an account for the users who are below the age of 15 years without have a phone number. In that case just follow all the steps as mentioned above and in the date on birth section enter the date of birth after the year 1994 and then you can easily create a new mail account and that too without having a phone number. So the choice is yours.


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