How to Delete a Facebook Account without having access to a Password and Email?

There are times when users do not wish to continue using their old Facebook account; hence they forget that the account even exists. In such cases, users often forget their login credentials and later realize that they wish to delete their Facebook account so that no one can see their old pictures or posts. If you struggle with the same issue, this is the exact right page to get answers. But you must know that before you delete Facebook account permanently, you need to gain access to it. So here is how you can recover and delete your Facebook account through the steps mentioned below. 

Try to Recover your Facebook Account

Facebook offers many methods to its users so that they can recover their accounts in case of any emergency. These techniques to recover your Facebook account will further help you with how to delete Facebook account permanently. Some methods are complex, whereas some are easy to perform, so in case you do not have access to your Facebook associated email address or phone number, then refer to the solution listed as follows:

  • Recover your Account through the search option:

Users can get through the Facebook login page through their web browser, enter their user id, phone number, or name, and then hit the search button. The following window will show you a list of Facebook accounts, so navigate your account and click on it. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to recover your account. 

  • Recover Account through Trusted Friends Feature:

This particular feature allows users to get the Facebook recovery code via their trusted contact. This method will only work on the users who have already enabled this feature on their Facebook account earlier. You can type one of your trusted family or friends' names and then follow the prompted procedure to receive the rest code and finally recover the Facebook account. 

  • Report your Account as Fake or Hacked:

This is another way to get rid of your old Facebook account; users can report their Facebook account through new or other users' existing accounts. You need to click on the three dots available on the profile and report it as fake or pretending to be someone else. Make your family and friends report your Facebook account as many times as possible, so this act will automatically delete your account forever. 

  • Recover Account through Alternate options:

Once you get through the Facebook recovery page, you can try another way to recover your account by answering the security questions. These security questions will be related to your Facebook account, so you can answer as many as you can to get through your account. Finally, you can follow the on-screen process to reaccess the account to proceed with the Facebook account deletion process. 

Deactivating your Facebook Account

Users can follow the ways mentioned above to recover their account. As per the Facebook policy of security concerns, users need to have access to their accounts to delete them permanently. Now here is the step by step guide on how you can delete the Facebook account:

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and visit the official Facebook page. 
  2. Login to your account (after recovering it using the recovery methods in case of lost email and phone number).
  3. Navigate the gear icon, click on it, and go to the 'settings and privacy' option. 
  4. Click on the Settings option and go to 'personal and account information under the account tab. 
  5. Find the 'account ownership and control' option, then click on it. 
  6. Finally, you will see the 'deactivation and deletion' button on the next screen, so click on it.
  7. Choose the appropriate option and confirm your selection to delete the Facebook account. 

Hence in this way, you can get help with Facebook recovery without email and password then delete the account effortlessly. You can contact the Facebook Customer Service team via different contact methods for any further issues. The tech support team of Facebook will surely help you out. 






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