How to Disable pop-up Blocker in Safari

This digital world has introduced many products and services such that users have ample of choices to choose. The same is the case with web browsers which are different and give very tough competition to each other. Once a web browsing competitor is Safari that is used mainly by apple users on its devices. Safari is the default web browser of all Apple devices and is known for its various services that are different from the rest of the browsers in the digital market. 

One such service is related to Pop-ups that are set as a part of notification for the users. But, sometimes, because of lots of notifications with the help of pop-ups, users tend to get disturbed. And hence, they disable the service.

So, if you are also such a user who is disturbed and diverted because of pop-ups then you can also disable such functions. To know how to disable pop blocker in Safari then you can refer to the steps stated below. 

Learning How to disable pop-up blockers in Safari

  • Open your Safari web browser and head over to the “Preferences” option from the top of the settings bar. 
  • And when a new page gets displayed in front of you, tap on the “Websites” option from the top of the window and proceed further. 
  • And now choose the option “Pop-up Windows” and various options related to blocking are displayed in front of you. 
  • Now to disable the blocker, you need to click on “Allow” that is present next to “When Visiting other Websites”. 
  • But, if you want to allow specific pop-ups you need to navigate to the webpage and follow the steps stated from 1-3 and then click “Allow”. 

So, with the help of the above steps, users can disable the pop-up blocker. Doing so helps users to keep notified about the latest offers and news to the subscribed websites. In case, you are unable to understand how to disable the pop-up blocker in Safari then you are free to take the help of customer support. 

Contacting Safari Customer Support

Those users who are unable to resolve their issue are free to get in touch with customer support. This customer support is 24/7 active and will be helping users irrespective of the time zone. 

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