How to Disable Real Time Scanning McAfee

Internet is one such place which is infamous for sending malicious content to our laptops and PCs. All out gadgets that incorporates PCs, PCs and different gadgets that we use are prone to virus attack from Internet. More web we utilize internet , more is the likelihood of any virus or malware assault. To keep a check on virus and malware and make your PCs and PCs safe against virus, you have to install a decent anti virus software

McAfee strikes a chord when discussing a good anti virus program suite. From quite a while, McAfee has been a fore front player in the market of the anti virus programming. ,It filters your PC to check for any adulterated documents and furthermore shields your PC from noxious Virus assaults or malware assaults. McAfee consists real time scanning which is a good virus protection program.

However sometime you might want to disable real time scanning in McAfee as it does not allow all functions to be performed without protection.

Solution - Disable real time scanning mcafee ?

Here is the manner by which you can disable real time scanning in McAfee in your PC.

Step 1) Go to program and features and form here, navigate to programs and search for McAfee

Step 2) If McAfee is installed in your computer then it will be listed. Select on McAfee

Step3 ) Go to settings and check for real time scanning feature

Step 4) If real time scanning is turned on then a green tick will be available in front of it

Step 5) In order to stop real time scanning, check the box once and the green tick will disappear

Step 6) Close the program feature

Once the real time scanning is disabled, you need to restart computer for proper shutting off.

Now Real time scanning is off and you can check the same once you restart your computer, McAfee will not automatically check for any virus in your computer.

If there should be a need of any specialized technical help, you can contact McAfee antivirus technical help through email or telephone number. McAfee customer support gives 24X7 help to every one of its clients.


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