How to Fix Facebook Confirmation Code not Received 

There are times when you find it difficult to access your Facebook account. There can be many possible reasons for that. That's why Facebook provides you the facility to get a code and recover your password for easy access to your Facebook account. 

Despite this facility provided by Facebook, some users do not receive the confirmation code, which delays their login process. To end your dilemma, we have provided some solutions in the guide that answer how to get Facebook confirmation code. You can follow the troubleshooting steps and enjoy your free time with Facebook. Let's check the solutions to get Facebook code based on different categories.

How to Get the Facebook Confirmation Code?

There can be different reasons you are not receiving any code from Facebook. To fix that, you can check the five troubleshooting solutions that will help you access your Facebook account.

1. Facebook Confirmation Code not Received on Email 

Avoid Common Mistakes

There are times when you enter the wrong email address or credentials while entering your email address in the Facebook recovery option. In such cases, try to enter the email id correctly and then hit the Send code via Email button.

Check the Hidden Folders

Sometimes you don't get the notification of messages in the spam folder. In such cases, you need to check the Social and Promotional mails. If you still face the not receiving Facebook confirmation code email issue, you need to check your account's Filters and Spam folder. Also, check the blocklist and unlock Facebook to receive the codes.

2. Not Received Facebook Confirmation Code on Phone Number

Verify the Phone Number

  • Enter the number where you want to receive your code
  • If you haven't received the code, click on the Wrong number option.
  • Click on Add number and provide a new number.

Resend the code on SMS or Phone Call

You can click on the Send the SMS again if you haven't got the code. You can also click on the Call button to receive the code through a phone call. 

3.Not received the Login Credential Codes of Facebook

When you don't receive the code on your SMS or phone call, you need to use other options for a confirmation code.

Use the Trusted contacts

You need to head to the Facebook recovery page. Select the Trusted Contacts option from the list and pick one of your friends. Facebook will send a six-digit code to the friend that you can note down. This will help you in case of not receiving Facebook confirmation code on your devices. You can copy the code and finish the authentication to recover your account.

Answer the Security Question

  • Head to the Facebook recovery page first
  • Choose the Security Question option from the list
  • Click on the Ill answer my Security Question link to see the question
  • Answer the question correctly and reach the password recovery page of Facebook.

4. Not received the two Factor Authentication Code for Login

When you don't get the two-factor authentication code, you can follow the method below:

Use a Trusted Device

You need to select a liable device where you can get the code. Also, you need to check the don't Ask on this Device box to complete the authentication easily. Now, link the device to get the two-factor authentication code when you need it.

Use the Facebook Messenger App

Sometimes Facebook doesn't log you out from messenger. So you can click on the profile picture and click on the two-factor authentication from the Security and Login option to get into your account.

Fill the Security Forms

You may need to fill the security forms from the Help Centre page of Facebook. From there, you can link the two-factor authentication and get the codes. 

5. Not received the Security code for Facebook account Verification

When you don't get the security code with the simple process, you are only left with the option to recover your account.

Enter a new Email Address

  • Head to the Facebook sign-up page and choose the Forgotten Password link.
  • Choose No longer have access to these options from the recovery page
  • Enter a new email address to get the code

Email Facebook

You can visit the Help Centre of Facebook and click on the email address. Describe your issue in the Email and wait to get a reply.

In a nutshell, you have many options to get the security code and access your Facebook account. You can use the solutions mentioned above to resolve the Facebook confirmation code not received issue. You can also contact the Facebook customer representative if you still find it difficult to get the Security code from Facebook.




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