How to Fix Facebook Error Code 2

Learn deep insights into What is Facebook Error Code 2

Facebook is a pretty compelling social media interaction platform nowadays. This stage is not limited to posting selfies only; even a large number of organizations are using it for promoting their business or for the growth of the company. 

But many of the users often face error code 2 which is displayed on the screen and this is because only when the server down means the FB server is unable to get connected with the internet or when it pops up with a message “something went wrong” or “Unexpected occur on Facebook” during the Login process. So here you will see the simple process of how to fix error code 2 on Facebook

Know the reasons behind Facebook Error Code 2

  • It could be a connection or server error.
  • When you found that the server is down.
  • If Pop up with a message “sorry something went wrong”.
  • If facing a message “Account temporary unavailable”.
  • Unknown network errors occur.
  • If Facebook is down for maintenance.

After going through all the reasons behind the Facebook error code 2, it is required to resolve it now. This error could be long-lasting if it is not fixed within the time frame. So here we have described some of the simple steps to fix Facebook error code 2 of your iPhone.

Simple steps for How to fix Facebook Error Code 2

  • At the beginning of the process, move to the settings of your iPhone.
  • In the next move, tap on the General settings and check to reset option.
  • Click on the reset option, and choose reset network setting.
  • Following the above, click on reset network settings and open reset location settings.
  • Apart from the above, set your local time in the correct way and check the location with the security measures on Facebook.
  • A sometimes outdated version of Facebook could hamper you from accessing the account so make use of the latest version of it.
  • In the last step. Uninstall the latest version of the Facebook app.
  • Now restart your phone or device.

Besides, the user should make sure that the phone device is connected with an active Internet connection. However, if you are still facing Facebook error code 2, you must check firewall settings. Furthermore, this error code is a temporary code and even you can fix this issue by calling the helpline number of the dedicated support team of Facebook or to know what is Facebook error code 2

Set time to Automatic update

All the steps mentioned below is applicable to messenger and WhatsApp as well. So if the user is facing an error code 2 on your iPhone or iPad, you may look to reset the date and time to fix this issue.

Follow the step to update your time

  • In the first step, go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Following the above, click on the general option.
  • Click on Date & Time.
  • In the last step, update it automatically.

Fix Facebook Login Error code 2 on iPhone

  • First, go to iOs 10 Settings of your device.
  • Following this, click on the Facebook account.
  • In the next move, click on delete account.
  • Enter the username and password to the account.
  • Login to the account.
  • In last you become able to fix this error code2.

Fix Login error Facebook on iPad

  • First and foremost, Launch the Facebook app on iOs 11.
  • Move down to the page, and concurrently tap on Logout.
  • Re-login again.

How to reset the network settings of your iPhone?

  • First head to iOS settings.
  • Click on the general option.
  • Tap on “reset”.
  • Click on “reset network setting”.
  • Wait till your device get a reboot.
  • Following, move to the Facebook app.
  • Give credentials of username and password.

Logout from all the devices 

If you have your Facebook account to log in one or more devices, then it may be worth to logout from all the devices.

  • In the first step, open the Facebook app.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and tap on security and Login settings.
  • Following the move to the section where you logged in.
  • Move down to the page and tap on the Logout of all the sessions.
  • In the last step, now you will be logged out of your current device.

Consider all the above steps to fix this Facebook error code 2, if required you can call them on their support number to get the solution to fix it.


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Robin Hugus

04 October, 2021 22:41:24

Keeps giving me an error code2 and I’ve reset it and turned it off and I still can’t log in!!

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21 April, 2022 10:59:46

i cant fb


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