How to Fix Firefox not Working

Firefox is a renowned internet browser which is used for data browsing. Almost everyone in today’s time is habitual of using internet for different purposes and Mozilla Firefox is one of those online platforms on which you can connect with different websites.

Issues arising in Mozilla Firefox not working

To run internet, you need a fast network device so that you can use it for browsing online. However internet often goes down because of several reasons. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and notice Firefox not working then there could be endless reasons why. To fix the issue, first of all you need to find what exactly the issue is with the Firefox browser. Tap below to find out about the reasons.

Issues behind Firefox not working

There are different reasons behind Mozilla not working and you can check out a few of them listed below.

  • Firefox not opening

Often if the internet is slow or there is a server issue, the application gets slow and stops working. Hence if that’s the reason then Firefox will keep on loading but won’t open.

  • Using too much RAM

We move from several sites on the internet while browsing even downloading certain images or videos. A lot of such videos consume a lot of space in the device and occupy too much of RAM. And if that’s the case then you will not be able to load sites on Firefox if the devices are quite heavy.

  • Firefox crashing or disconnecting

While using Firefox or any other online application, you might find the site crashing or not working properly. And this happens if your internet is weak or device is hanging because of virus/malware.

  • High CPU consumption

The central processing unit of your device might get overloaded in case you have installed an antivirus resulting in certain applications not working including Firefox.

Ways of Fixing Firefox not Working on Windows 10

Let’s say if you have installed Firefox in your windows laptop and wondering why is Firefox not working on windows 10 then this is for you. Tap below for the solutions.

  • Check your internet connectivity

If you are trying to fix any technical issue or online application then always begin with checking your internet connectivity. Sometimes the net is slow because of which the application don’t load.

  • Use any other browser

Suppose if there is any kind of server error which is happening with everyone then wait till this issue gets resolved by the technical team of the application. However, if you have any urgent work then meanwhile use any alternative browser.

  • Re-install the Firefox

Every application demands updating and if you fail to do so then it will not work properly. Thus for using the Firefox properly, try to update the application from time to time.

  • Check your Antivirus

Often we install antivirus for detecting the virus but because of that the other applications don’t work. Now if you are facing similar issues in your device because of the antivirus then check its settings. If required, disable it.

  • Use Firefox in the Safe mode

If you are using the Firefox then always prefer using it in a safe mode. As you tap on the option given, you will find a dialog box on the screen. Click on the link of safe mode with which the application will work smoothly.

And hence that’s how you can find out the solution to your issue of why is Firefox not working on Windows 10 and other queries. In case you need any kind of more information, contact the customer care team.


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