How To Install Mac On Windows Pc

How Could You Install MAC Os On Windows Pc

Apple doesn’t allow you to install Mac OS on windows PC. you can install it with the help of numerous tools to create an installer that will allow you to install Mac. Before the installation make sure that your computer is compatible. You will need a machine with 64 bit Intel process, separate hard drive on which Window had never installed. We are explaining a process to install Mac with the help of PearPC software.

How To Install Mac Os On Laptop 

To install the mac OS on your Windows PC you are required to download a software package PearPc which emulates the Mac hardware on your Pc. you can download this software from sourceforge. Go through the below mentioned steps:

  • After the downloading of PearPC you have to decompress the pearPC archive into the directory.
  • From the Mac OS X installation CD create your ISO file using burning software.
  • After this save the .dll file to the PearPC directory named as “macosx10.3.iso”.
  • Now install the PearPc control panel by creating a virtual hard drive and start it up.
  • Click on browse tab to go to PearPc directory then click on “Create hard disk”.
  • Now click on “File ” and locate “new configuration file” with the PearPc control panel.
  • On the Wizard window click on “continue”.
  • After this click “browse” under “Primary IDE Device” and find the Hard drive image.
  • Under the “Memory size” section select how much virtual Ram you want and click on “Continue”.
  • Set the video mode you want under the “PearPC additional options”.
  • Now leave “Enable networking” unchecked and everything else to the default then click “Finish”.
  • Enter a name for PearPc configuration on the last window and click on “Finish”.
  • Now save the file and close notepad.
  • After this run PearPc on your laptop and install Mac OS.

MAC Os X should start installing itself and follow the on screen instruction to complete the process. Once this process completes you can run OS X by running the Pear PC control panel and Clicking the Mac OS X icon. This is the way through which you can install mac os on pc laptop. Follow this process in mentioned order, if you are getting any difficulty then contact to technical support team of Apple.

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