How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer

It is sometimes hectic that the user wants to print a document but is unable to do so. There can be many reasons majorly the desktop not responding properly. Hence thinking of this, Hp came up with the wireless printers which can be connected to mobile phones and give the same quality print as from a computer. So, let us consider that you are iPhone user and want to print from iPhone to Hp printer. Then you do not have to get confused as this article has brought to you all the answers to the question. 

Knowing the Fact of iPhone Getting Connected to Printer Application

Also, the users who do not know how the iPhone can print or get connected to the printer. This can be explained by stating that iPhones have an in-built printing application in clouds and printing. The user may even download the printing application from the Apple store. And to know How to print from iPad to Hp printer, the process will be the same as that in iPhone. And to get the answers the users may follow the steps below.

Learn How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer 

Step 1: Setting up the network connection:
1. Unlock your iPhone and check whether the device is connected to proper wifi and internet connection.
2. Then check whether your HP printer is connected to the wireless network or not. And to check this, the user can touch on the screen with the option of “setup” and check that to which network your printer is connected to. Also, the user may click on the desired network and type its password if not connected to the right one.
3. After connecting both the devices to proper internet connection you can now move to the device to give the print command. This is explained further.

Step 2: Printing From Your Apple Device

  • Check that the printer has a full cartridge and is turned on and also make sure to place the plain paper in the try of the printer.
  • From the device, open the document that you want to print and then click on the “Share” option.
  • Click on the “Print” option from the various options made available in front of you.
  • Then choose the name of your printer in case of multiple printing devices.
  • Then check the print settings, ink settings, font settings and placements and other printing settings according to the convenience.
  • Then select the paper size and number of copies to be printed.
  •  In the case of colour printing, choose the option of print using Grayscale.
  • Double-Sided Print: choose if you want to print on both sides.
  • And tap Print option. You can wait for a few minutes to print the paper and check whether it is the way you desired.

Therefore, the users may easily follow the steps above to get the answers on How to print from iPhone to Hp Printer. 

Hp printer also has a separate and dedicated team of customer support representatives. This customer support is 24/7 active to give assistance to the users in need. The experience and training of these customer support representatives help resolve any issue that the user is facing.
Hence, along with quality printing and new advanced devices, Hp printer also has a dedicated customer service who are quick to take action.

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