A Guide on How to Recover Suspended Facebook Account

Due to increasing frauds and offends, Facebook has come up with a strict check on the Facebook accounts handles of people. Due to certain security reasons, people face suspensions of their account handles. But not to worry This guide will help you know how to recover your Facebook account.

There are various ways available on Facebook so that you can Recover Suspended Facebook Account with more ease using the alternative methods. If your Facebook account has been suspended due to some reason, you must go through the following methods by which you can recover your account. 

Recover Suspended Facebook Account through Identity Verification:

You can recover your Facebook account by verifying your identity. It means you have to provide your details that you have registered at the time of creating the account. It includes your phone number, Email address, it can be your Birth date. Any government ID proof can also be used to verify your identity which can prove that you are an original account holder of your Facebook account. You have to upload the photo of any legal document you are attaching to verify your identity to Facebook. 

Recover Facebook Account through Help Centre:

You can also recover your Facebook account by filing an issue to the help centre of Facebook. You can get in touch with one of the Facebook representatives and can file a report regarding your account suspension. All you need to do is to go to the Facebook customer help centre and dial the toll-free number that is given on the website and can directly request to Recover Disabled Facebook Account.

Recover Facebook Account through Showing a Friend’s Picture:

It is a slightly difficult method to verify your identity with Facebook. In this method you can upload the pictures with your family and friends which are there in your friends list and have to tag them so that Facebook can identify who is there in the photos, but sometimes it becomes difficult to do this but once you get access with this, you can easily recover your Facebook account.

Recover Facebook Account through Answering Security Questions:

In this method, Facebook asks different security questions which you have answered at the time of creating your account so that you can get access to your account in case of any emergency. Try to remember the answers that you had put in so as to recover your Facebook account.

So, above were the ways for your Facebook Account Recovery, you can follow the method which you find the most suitable for you. .

Causes of Facebook Account Suspension

There can be many causes for your Facebook account suspension. Following are some causes you may relate:

  • Your account had been suspended in case you were using the fake account that  means you were not using the account with your real identity and name.
  • Your account can also be suspended if you are using your account from another place or Facebook is tracking your account from a different location. Your account gets suspended in this case for the security reasons recognized by Facebook.
  • If in case someone has reported your Facebook account for any spam and fraud activity or if you have posted any unlawful content on your account, then also your account gets suspended.
  • Sometimes, attempts increase the average that is also when your account gets suspended due to a number of incorrect attempts.

How to Identify Suspended Facebook Account 

There are various reasons to verify that your Facebook account has been suspended. This happens when you do not get successful logging in or in case you stop getting the notifications from your Facebook account. 

Preventive Measures

To avoid the suspension of your Facebook account in future, you must follow the rules introduced by Facebook. Following are some rules and regulations you must go through:

  • You must enter your real name and date of Birth while creating your Facebook account.
  • You should not post any offensive and unlawful content on your account which is unacceptable.
  • If you want to promote something, you should create a Facebook page for promotion so it will keep your work separate and systematic.
  • To Keep your account more secure, keep updating your account password in appropriate intervals.
  • Keep a phone number on your account which will help you in an easy recovery of your account.
  • Children who are below the age of 12 years should not use Facebook handle.

That was all, your question of “How to Recover Suspended Facebook Account?” has been answered above. That is how you can recover your Facebook in an easy way without any confusion. Hope this may help you.




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