How to recover YouTube password?

Youtube is another web application from Google. Here users can watch millions of videos uploaded by millions of people. People can create there own channel on YouTube and subscribe and get subscriptions. People can earn through their channel and thus it is a complete entertainment application and very informative. Anyone can watch any kind of video he is willing to, on YouTube. If a user wants to upload any video then he has to make an account with YouTube.

What Will You Do If You Forget YouTube-Account Password?

If you have forgotten the YouTube account password, then, there is nothing to worry about. As the YouTube account recovery process is quite simple. Since a YouTube account can only be accessed through a Google account, in this way, somehow any user forgets the password of the YouTube account. He or she can recover it by performing the recovery process of their Google account.

Additionally, if you are wondering how to change YouTube password then let us tell you that to make this task simple for you this post has brought a step by step guide. All you need is to follow the given steps.

Process for recovering a YouTube account

YouTube is a video-sharing channel, which can be accessed by users on various devices. While creating an account on YouTube, users set an email and password, which is later used by them for logging purposes. Although YouTube users must remember their login credentials, still sometimes they forget it. In such a condition, the user can process the YouTube account recovery, which helps them to reset a new password. There are a few ways to recover YouTube account, among which email is the easiest. However, YouTube account recovery without email can possibly be done, by using the phone instead. Once after resetting a new password for YouTube, users can access it using this new password. Hence, the process for YouTube account recovery with the help of email or without email is given below.

YouTube account recovery with email

  • Go to the YouTube website and select Forgot password link
  • Then input your email ID or username in the assigned field
  • Next, tap the submit button and then type the given CAPTCHA code
  • Then click continue for confirming you are not a robot
  • On the next window, you will get recovery options email or phone number
  • Select the email option to receive the password reset link from YouTube
  • Then access your recovery email and open the link to get transferred to a new page
  • Here on password reset window, enter a new password
  • Then click reset password to save this new password for your YouTube account

YouTube account recovery with phone

  • Open the YouTube web page and enter your ID
  • Then click next, and open the forgot password link
  • On the next page, you have to verify the CAPTCHA code
  • Then a new window will open, providing the account recovery options
  • Choose phone options and then receive a password reset link in your registered number
  • Then you will be moved to password reset window where you can create a new password
  • Enter a new password in the assigned box first and then tap the reset password button
  • Finally, the new password you have created for your YouTube account will be saved

Hence, you can successfully perform the YouTube account recovery with the help of email or without it by using a phone number instead of as explained above. Moreover, YouTube users can also get help from a technical support executive, if facing trouble while performing the recovery for account themselves. 




20 March, 2020 22:11:13

Odor got my YouTube password how should I rest my password coz i forgot my email password

carol olicker

26 June, 2020 00:03:18

my roommate is trying to access his account but he forgot his password and they are not giving him the option to reset..what can he do?

Pam Schobelock

12 November, 2020 20:20:41

I had to delete my Google account from my mobile phone. Now it says YouTube is not permissable on my phone. I created another account, but deleted that account and went back to my original account. What can I do to retrieve my music libraries?


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