How to reset Apple id password trick

Apple devices needs login credentials for various applications like itunes, icloud, apple play store etc. This id is common to all the apple devices which user uses and with the similar configuration. When this Apple password is lost or forgotten, these applications get affected. This is the most common issue but nothing to worry because there are ways to reset a new password. In this article, it is discussed-

How to reset Apple id password ?

Here the way how to reset Apple id password follow the below instruction-

  • Apple id password can be reset through either the trusted phone number or by answering the security question or through two step verification.
  • So , from the login page, click on Forgot Password.
  • User will be provided with three options. If user choose to answer the security question, he have to answer them correctly. The answers are case sensitive too.
  • If the answers are correct then user will be prompted to set the new password.
  • If user choose the phone option then he have to select the registered phone with the account.
  • User will receive the notification on the phone.
  • Enter the notification number which is received on the phone. If verified then user will be prompted to reset the password.
  • Two step verification is the another way to reset the password. If two step verification is ON in the user's account, he first have to receive a key through his registered phone number. That key has to be entered in the field there. If verified then user will be prompted to reset the new password

How to change Apple id password ?  

There is a regular fear of account hacking. So user should change his password after half or one year to keep the account safe. Here shown is the way for Apple id password change.

  • One way to change the password is to visit the Apple site and click on Manage Apple Id.
  • Go to the Security.
  • Then click on Change Password.
  • In the box appeared, enter the current password, then enter the new one and retype to confirm.
  • Save changes.
    This password change will be reflected in all the Apple applications user is using.
  • User can also  change the password through iCloud account.
  • From icloud, go to option , Password & Security.
  • Then click on Change Password.
  • User will be asked to provide the answer to the security question.
  • If the answer is correct then user will be prompted for a new password.
  • Enter the current password, then the new one and retype to confirm.
  • Save the changes.

Ask an expert if there is any issue in reset Apple id password or changing the new password. The technical support is 24/7 available.


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