How to update your iPhone?

Apple devices are really amazing to use and has remarkable features in it that the users can utilize for their working. But the iphone users should always remember to update their devices so that all the new features and services can be added to it and the users can use it more efficiently.

Therefore, to update iphone the users are required to follow some of the steps that will enable the updating of all the overall iphone including all the applications and also the software as well.


  • First of all the iphone users are needed to plug their mobile device to the power connection.
  • Then connect the device with the Wi-Fi connections or with the device internet, whatever is available.
  • The users then are required to go to the settings option on their iphone.
  • From there select on the general menu and further on the software update option.
  • There the users will see an option of download and install. Users are supposed to click on that option.
  • If the iphone asks to delete some files because of the storage space problem then the users might have to clean some of their documents and file for more space.
  • If the users want to update their iphone immediately then they should select on install option.
  • If the users want to install it later on then they need to select on the install tonight or remind me later option that is available.
  • Then, enter the passcode of the iphone and update the device.

These steps should be followed carefully so as to avoid any iPhone update problems that usually occurs while updating the software.




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