How to Recover Gmail Password from iPhone

Gmail is the most used application which provides communication among users. It may happen that user forgot their account password or their account got hacked by someone. They need to recover their password to access their account. You need to use a strong password so no one can guess your password. In the next section, we are providing different approaches to recover your password. According to your preference, you can choose the approach to get your account back.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail Password on iPhone?

Gmail is a popular email service of Google that enables the users to send and receive emails. Further, the user can even use this service to authenticate their access to various third-party applications and services. However, there are situations in which the user fail to access Gmail services because of forgotten password issue. 

Luckily, forgot Gmail password issue is quite common and can be resolved by trying out the recovery process. And for the users who wish to recover their Gmail account using their iPhone device, here are the detailed steps that one can follow to regain access to their account. 

  • Firstly open the Gmail app in your phone and tap on the add an email address tab.
  • Tap on Google and enter the email associated with your Gmail account in the labeled field.
  • Now tap next then tap on forgot password below the password field.
  • Gmail will ask you question to know that you are the owner of the account.
  • Enter your answer and tap on next.
  • A prompt window will appear on your screen where you have to choose one of the recovery methods from recovery through phone, through recovery mail ID, providing an answer to a security question.

Recover Gmail Account using Email:

If the user opts for this option, then a code will be provided to them on the registered email. After receiving the code, the user is required to provide that particular code and complete the verification process. 

Steps to recover Gmail password by Email

  • Launch a browser and visit Gmail website on it
  • Next, enter your email ID, then click I don’t remember my password link
  • After that, you have to enter any old password or just tap on Try another way
  • Then, recovery via phone number option will appear on the screen
  • Choose I don’t have access to my number, for moving to next option
  • Then, the recovery email option will appear, hit send for receiving a code
  • After that, access your email to copy the code and then paste on recovery window
  • Then, password reset page will open as soon as account is verified
  • Now, create a new Gmail password and save it

Recover Gmail Account using the Phone: 

By using this recovery option, the user will be offered with the recovery code on their linked phone that they need to provide for account verification. 

Steps to recover Gmail Account Password by Phone Number

  • Open the Gmail website and enter your registered ID in the assigned section
  • After that, choose forgot password tab, and move to next step
  • Then, you will be prompted to enter any old password that you remember
  • Enter old Gmail password, or choose try another way in case you don’t remember one
  • Next, Gmail will provide the option for receiving a code in your registered mobile
  • Tap on Phone call, or SMS, to allow the Gmail for sending a verification code
  • After receiving the code, submit in the assigned space on Gmail recovery page
  • Then, your Gmail account will get verified and password reset window will appear
  • At last, you can create a new password for your Gmail account as per your choice

Recover Gmail Account using Security Questions:

For the users who have set security questions for their Gmail account can opt for this option and complete the verification process. 

After the creation of the new password, the user is required to Sign-in to their account on the iPhone using the new password. Hence, this was the complete information on how one can resolve forgot Gmail password issues in time and regain access to their Gmail account. 

And once the account of the user is verified, the user can create a new password for their Gmail account and save the changes. 

After following these steps you will be able to get your account back. If after following this approach you are not able to recover forgot  Gmail password from iPhone then you can contact to technical support team of Gmail. To keep your account secure you are recommended to use two-step verification which enhances the security of your account.


Wardell Holmes

13 January, 2020 20:20:14

Need apple id

jaswinder kaur

10 February, 2020 09:59:37

hi, i am unable to access my gmail account, my mob is 91 9654272273. kindly help me and you can connect me to my different email

Harpreet singh

24 February, 2020 05:46:18

I forgot my gmail account and password

Reggie tiballa

14 March, 2020 14:00:17

Recover my acount and connect to android

Shanae starks

19 March, 2020 15:24:19

I forgot my information to my Gmail I did everything it told me to do I need to get in please

Nicholas kakula

26 March, 2020 14:12:49

Forgot Gmail password

Mandy efya

01 April, 2020 12:30:20

I have forgotten my password ans the numner i used for the gmail longer using it any help

Rizwan pasha

07 April, 2020 17:45:15

Sir please do my passworld recover I can not reacover course he is fail

jai haunting

13 April, 2020 00:13:22

please help reset google password

Deanne jennings

13 April, 2020 21:31:21

I dont know my password but I and I know my recovery phone number and I dont my recovery email . My phone number in a account is deactivated . And so is my recovery number 3523210721. PEase help

Nazamar brown

27 April, 2020 17:18:58

I made an email that it is my daughters name I forgot the password to and I don’t have the iPhone 8plus anymore so I can’t get into the email I really need that I use it all the time for me I now I have an 11pro max that’s why I don’t have the password anymore if you guys could please help thanks

Reginald Gilbert-Bey

28 April, 2020 02:58:03

I am having problems opening and setting up my gmail account. I switched iPhones from a iPhone 7 to the new iPhone SE. HELP please?

sharon mitchell

14 May, 2020 09:37:20

i forgot my email pass word and you guys are really giving me a hard time just to reset my password i cant get in my gmail on my phone or my labtop

Jo Page

15 May, 2020 13:18:34

How do I recover password for apple id gmail acct


10 September, 2020 17:40:51

Please help me get into my account cause someone else has changed my password and I cannot change it myself!


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