Rogers internet not working

Rogers Communications Inc., the Communications and Media Company based in Canada, is specialized in providing cable television, wireless communications, telephone, and Internet connectivity. The company headquartered in Toronto was founded in 1925 by Edward Rogers. Try the below-mentioned methods if you are facing trouble with your Rogers Wi-Fi. We have made hours of discussions with the senior tech support engineers of Rogers Communications, and presented some of the most effective ways to deal with the concerned problem.

1.Relocate the interfering devices

Including speakers, microwaves, and baby monitors, some of the households are home to a variety of wireless devices. These devices operate on the same frequency as your router and likely to interfere with your wireless signal. If you are using any of these devices and your Rogers internet not working, you are requested to move wireless sources apart from each other. Do you have the same problem after moving the devices apart? If yes, try to switch to a different frequency.

2.Relocate your gateway

Do you know that the wireless signals can be blocked by floors, thick walls, and even certain types of doors? There is a chance of having a difficulty in accessing the signal on the lower floors if you have configured your source in a den nestled in the corner of the top floor of your home. If you are willing to get a strong signal, do place your router in a central location of your home or near your work floor.

3. Restart your rogers router

Wireless technology is a bit similar to the old switchboard operators; both get confused. If you have the same problem in your device, you are suggested to restart your router. Power down your computers and tablets before you switch the device on. Unplug your router for 20 seconds, and then plug it back in and wait a few minutes while it powers up and resets.

4. Restart your wireless gateway

Do you think that the problem you are facing is created in your wireless gateway? If yes, try to restart the gateway once. Power down your computers and tablets before you switch the gateway on. If none of the methods has resolved your issue, make a conversation with the officials of Rogers internet support. Else, you may visit Rogers at

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