Troubleshooting iPhone 6


Smart phone has changed the way of lifestyle. Now it is not just for making phone calls but now it can be used as a mini computer. Person can check emails, can send emails, can go for online shopping, can get each and every piece of information from every corner of the world, can pay bills, can have apps from different fields and services, can go for banking etc and the list is never ending. What you think you can get that on a smart phone. iPhone is an another revolution in the smart technology. It has best screen resolution, best camera , better battery life, more secure as it does not support many apps without authentication and full scanning. 

Device is a technology based after all and some time it may get troubled. May be user one day finds that Iphone is behaving very slow. May be it is getting freeze frequently or may be it gets turn off abruptly. May be user notice that the iphone is not able to install any application or not updating anything and unnecessarily showing error messages. For all such issues, user needs a troubleshooting process when he finds that iphone not working properly. So here is it discussed that what troubleshooting user can do to make his iphone work again effectively.


  • Restart the iphone. In this process no data get deleted. Just the iphone get switched off and then starts again. Most of the issues get resolved by this soft restart.
  • Check the battery of the iphone. It must be enough to get iphone work effectively.
  • Go to Settings , then go to Usage and then check the memory used. If there is low memory issues then call at the iphone toll free number and ask the executive to how to resolve that.
  • Some times iphone works slow because of the older version of the ios software or application not responds quickly because of the older version. So try to install the latest version of them.
  • Delete unnecessarily photos and videos from the iphone to create memory.
  • If so many applications are running in the background then remove them by dragging them to create more space and memory.
  • Factory Reset is the last option. With this user may lost his data so first he should take all the back up and then go for a Factory Reset.


Request for iPhone Technical Support if there is any problem. The technical support is provided by the best certified technicians , so user can trust on them and tell them about the pone and the account. Though user should not share his password with any one. Call at the iphone toll free number and get the instant tech support.


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