Why is Google Chrome not Responding

 Google chrome is one of the biggest platforms of internet browsing. There are a lot of people from this era who are totally dependent on internet for day to day activities. Whether you are a college going kid or maybe a working professional, all of us need internet for personal and professional work. And among all the mediums of web browsing, Google chrome is one of the most used web browsers which provides simple interface to people online.

Google Chrome not Responding 

Google chrome is an online application that has to be downloaded or installed on the device for the use. However there are a lot of users, who keep facing issues while using chrome. If you find Google chrome not responding then there could be only two reasons. One network issue while the other could be technical issue. To understand better, scroll down for details.

Reasons behind Google Chrome not Responding 

  • If you have weak internet connection which keeps on breaking every now and then, it could become one reason of Google chrome not working.
  • Also, suppose if you have not downloaded or updated the latest version of Google chrome then the old version will not work on your system. And due to this, you won’t be able to do Google surfing.
  • In case, a lot of tabs are opened at the same time, even then the chrome window might not work. If you are doing something online then prefer opening only one tab at a time. With so many sites loading all together might result in screen crashing.
  • Sometimes the net is fine and so is the chrome application. But if the device has an issue or maybe keeps on hanging then it won’t work.

Ways of fixing Google Chrome not Responding 

If you are worried that why Google chrome not responding then try these troubleshooting steps and then cross check if it’s working or not.

Steps for How to fix Google Chrome not Responding 

  • To fix Google chrome not working, you can start with checking the internet connection. If required then kindly switch to the stronger network.
  • Every day, we search so many things on internet and due to this we visit a lot of web pages. Now if you click on so many sites then a lot of search files will get collected. And if you don’t clear the cache and cookies then you can’t open new pages on chrome. Hence clear all the files from the memory box.
  • Moreover, keep your chrome file updated. Outdated version of applications won’t run on any device.
  • If the screen of Google chrome crashes then you can switch off the device and re-start. With this, application will start working again.
  • Apart from clearing the Google chrome cache and cookies, make sure to clear the DNS cache as well. Though the DNS cache is not related to chrome but equally affects the functioning of the browser.
  • Also while using Chrome, make sure that firewall is not disabling the Google chrome. If yes, then disable its settings.

And hence you are done! With the help of following steps, you can easily fix Google chrome not responding, And in case there is any other error or doubt, you can contact the customer care team of Google anytime. They are available on call and mail 24x7.


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