Why is Email not Working on iPhone and How to fix iPhone Email not Working Issues

Learn suitable methods to fix when Email not working on iPhone

iPhone device has its own native Mail App which is required to sign-up for the first time. It is quite good to do the more calling, texting messages, sending, and sharing emails from your handset. But if you are getting error messages during using email, you need to figure out the cause of the issue to find the best solution instantly.

Why is iPhone Email not working possible reasons?

iPhone email service provides the best experience of sharing and receiving emails from the clients At any time. However, you might be noticing that the iPhone email not working fine due to some technical faults. This is a time when you need to first check out the internet connectivity and other causes of this kind of issue to get a complete solution ingeniously. iPhone users utilize their different mobile apps and services to process email service that ended up having different issues including problems on sending emails, unable to receive emails, email won’t sync, unable to configure and install iPhone email service, and much more.

If you are getting so much disappointed to find the potential solution in resolving when email not working on iPhone, you need to check out the most suitable possible reasons that could help you to solve this issue and get more help to use your iPhone email on the same handset perfectly at any time. But before that, it would be excellent to find the possible reasons to get the perfect solution soon.

Let’s know the possible reasons for why is iPhone Email not working fine:

When you notice an iPhone email not working, it is necessary to identify the real cause of the issue so that you can find an appropriate solution within a second. Here we go some of the best and possible reasons to get the clue to resolve such an issue at the right time.

Check network:

It will be important to check out network issue first which is among the key requisites for email and other network-related service to work properly on your iPhone device.

Check software glitches:

When you notice that email not working on iPhone after signing-in and not opening the page, it will be necessary to check out software glitches that happen when you don’t update iOS operating software on your iPhone device. It is the mail app glitches which are required to fix and update all over the software soon.

Check incorrect Email setup or server settings:

If you want to work properly on your iPhone email, it will be necessary to check out incorrect email setup or server settings. When you don’t perform the proper email setup service and server settings, you might get the iPhone email problems error message on your iPhone screen.

Account issues:

It is important to check account issues that happen with the services provider as well as carrier that imposes a temporary disconnection to the account with issues that are required to fix instantly.  

How to deal with Email not working on iPhone issues:

It is important to check out the hardware damage on your iPhone to work everything fine including internet service and your iPhone email as well. To get instant solution, you need to see the steps as pointed down.

Problem on sending Email which is failed to send:


If you are trying to send an email to your clients but it is showing an error message, you need to check out the outbox folder, locate the message, and then try to send it again. Let’s know how it works.

  • At first, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings to choose the iPhone email and go to the mailbox.
  • If you don’t see the email outbox folder it implies that your email was sent but if you find the email, you must resent it.

Problem on logging into Email account due incorrect password:

When you enter the wrong password, not possible to access your iPhone email account, at this you need to reset the password.

  • At first, try to sign-in your iPhone email using its proper credentials but if not responding then select forgot password button.
  • Enter the email address and enter the mobile phone number to verify your account using its verification code.
  • Now a password reset link will allow entering the new password into both new and confirm password filed simply.   

Further, if you want to solve such kind of the iPhone email issues, you are required to get in touch with the tech support team that is available to help you at any time.  



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