Why is my Hotmail Not Receiving Emails

Hotmail Account is a great technological asset that gives its users the best technology for use. Its services are greater than many other online services. But like others, its users encounter some issues which they need to resolve. Here, the most common one is when users are unable to obtain emails in their Hotmail account.

Why is Hotmail Not Working?

  • Server is Down. Sometimes, the server responsible for handling the operation of the Hotmail account does not work. This creates a problem for Hotmail users to gain emails in their official account. Similarly, the problem of internet connection also creates a problem in getting emails.
  • Email Falling in Junk. Those emails which contain banned content or have something violating the usage policy of Hotmail, always land in the junk folder. It is a common reason for creating email getting problems.
  • No Storage Left. This email account does not offer unlimited space to a user. Thus, you may not be getting any email in your inbox as there is no space left in it for any email to land.
  • Sender is in the Blocked List. Sometimes, a sender is placed in a blocked list and whenever he sends any email, it does not deliver to your account.
  • Email Forwarding is on. There are bright chances that you will not be able to receive the email if your email forwarding is on. In this case, you need to visit the process that is given for the issue that you create.
  • Improper Settings. The improper settings of your account is also a culprit that causes email to not receive in your Hotmail email account. Always put the settings of your account to default mode to gain more issues.

Above are the common reasons due to which a Hotmail user is unable to get the emails in its official account. Resolving them will allow you to finish the Hotmail Not Receiving Emails problem and use this service flawlessly. You are required to make use of the following steps to fix email receiving issues.

How to Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

  • Improve the internet connection or switch to a better one.
  • Configure the settings of the account properly.
  • Remove the unused and less significant emails from the inbox.
  • Turn off the email forwarding settings.
  • Always check the junk folder for missing emails.

By following these methods you will be able to finish the task of fixing the email not receiving issue. If you want to know more about the Hotmail Not Working problem, always get in touch with the official and professional Hotmail customer service. This way you will be able to gain extra information to resolve your problem.


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