Why is My Internet Not Working on My Phone

Sometimes, without any apparent reason, smartphone device stops to connect to the mobile data. In such situation, you need to connect to the Wi-Fi for getting online. To fix this problem you can try few simple tricks discussed below:

Learn ways for fixing mobile internet connection

  • Cross check the signal bars on the top right corner of your mobile phone's screen. Sometimes the device is connected to the internet but its speed is too slow to recognize the connectivity. If this is the case, call up your service provider to see if there is a connection problem in your area.
  • If you are really dealing with internet not working issue, switch your phone off for 30 seconds then switch it on again. If there is an app that is not working properly or if your handset is not reading the SIM card correctly, the freezing time will fix the problem at once.
  • If above trick does not work for internet not working on phone issue, take your SIM card out of the device and re-insert it. Before popping the SIM back in the device, clean the SIM card tray well to make sure there is no dirt in the way.

If problem still persists, the time is to do something technical. Check, if you can, the APN setting of your gadget. A smartphone uses this setting to connect to the mobile data or internet. If you find yourself unable to check the settings, call up third party technician via using their toll free phone number and ask them to fix internet not working on phone problem. These technicians are skilled at fixing lots of issues arising with smartphone devices including the one you are currently facing with your cellular device. Expedient troubleshooting tips on the matter from such techies will definitely resolve the issue in just no time.

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