Yahoo mail not working How to fix its Errors

Have you ever encounter Yahoo mail not working error? Although Yahoo mail is user friendly and accessible through numerous platforms without any problem yet some users might face few errors. These platforms on which you can access your Yahoo account conveniently include the smartphone device like android as well as the browsers like Chrome. Several times the registered users of Yahoo mail encounter the situation where it doesn't work on an individual platform. However, the Yahoo mail not working on any of the recommended platforms is annoying, but you have to remain patient for dealing with it. Therefore more comprehensive details regarding the occurrence of Yahoo mail not working on android or Chrome situation with plenty of solutions to deal with the error are given below.

Why is Yahoo mail not working on android?

This question is in every person's mind, who encountered such error now or then that why does Yahoo mail not working on android device. However, there seem to be numerous reasons behind this error yet a list of few of the most common ones is given below.

  • Issue with the internet connectivity on Android device
  • Apps permission for Yahoo mail on android is disabled
  • Yahoo mail app is not updated to latest version
  • Yahoo app caches are preventing it from working on android device

How can you fix the Yahoo mail error on android?

Once you come across the reasons why is yahoo not working on android it’s the time for you to discover the solutions for fixing it. Therefore some solutions to deal with this Yahoo mail not working on android error positively are also discussed below.

Check internet:

  • Yahoo app needs a proper internet to work smoothly on your android device
  • Therefore, you must check that your internet is working fine by opening another app
  • Otherwise connect to another network then retry opening Yahoo mail to identify the problem

Enable app permission:

  • Next, you have to check that the app permission for the Yahoo mail info is your android device is enabled
  • If not then open the settings of your android device
  • Then go to the Apps settings and enable the apps permission to connect with Yahoo info

Update Yahoo app:

  • Unlock your android device and go to the settings
  • Then navigate towards the apps settings and choose accounts tab
  • Next, open the Yahoo app to view the available updates
  • Then hit the update button and let it finish successfully
  • Now you can try to reopen Yahoo mail on android after updated successfully

Update Android version:

  • Yahoo mail app mostly works more properly with the latest android version
  • Therefore, you must update your android device to its latest version and then retry to work on Yahoo mail

Verify Yahoo on Android:

  • Yahoo doesn’t work on android when your phone number is changed
  • Therefore you have to verify your new number first on the android device
  • Open the account settings on android and select your old number
  • Then tap on add recovery number and type new one
  • Next tap on Send SMS and submit the received code
  • At last tap Verify button and then reopen Yahoo mail

Why is Yahoo mail not working on Chrome?

People might face the Yahoo mail not working on Chrome trouble due to different reasons. On the other hand some of the possible reasons causing this Yahoo mail not working on Chrome error are quite common, as enlisted below.

  • Prevention from the saved browsing history on Chrome
  • Saved extensions on Chrome browser might prevent Yahoo mail from working
  • Chrome browser is outdated
  • Chrome browser has been corrupted

How can you fix the Yahoo mail error on Chrome?

Once you have identified that why yahoo not working on Chrome, it’s time for your to learn the methods to fix the error. Although, Yahoo mail not working on Chrome is quite troubling, yet some methods may help to handle the situation. Therefore some of the most reliable solutions for fixing the Yahoo mail not working error on Chrome are illustrated below.

Restart Chrome:

  • Chrome might encounter the Yahoo not working error when the browser is not opened properly
  • Therefore, you must close the Chrome first, and then restart it again for visiting the Yahoo mail website

Delete Browsing History:

  • Open the Chrome browser and visit the settings
  • Then navigate towards the advanced settings tab
  • Next, open the Privacy and security tab and go to clear browsing data from the drop down menu
  • Then clear browsing data window will appear where you have to select the time range
  • At last choose the cookies and cache files and hit delete button

Remove Chrome extensions:

  • Open your Chrome browser and go to settings page
  • Then find the extension tab from the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now tap on extensions and move to a new window
  • Hereafter, you will see all the extensions which you can remove one by one by pressing delete button

Update Chrome:

  • When you are working on the outdated version of Chrome then Yahoo mail might not work
  • Therefore open your Chrome browser and select about us option from the drop down list
  • On the next page you will see the latest updates for the Chrome
  • If new update is available tap on the button to download it automatically
  • Then restart Chrome and try to revisit the Yahoo web page on it

Re-install Chrome:

  • In case your Chrome browser is corrupted then also the Yahoo mail not work on it
  • Therefore, you must re-install Chrome in your device
  • Firstly delete the Chrome file from your system
  • Then visit the Chrome web page and download the browser in your system
  • Next, compete the re-installation process and then re-launch the Chrome
  • Now you can try opening Yahoo mail after re-installing Chrome

Therefore, the most suitable information about correcting the Yahoo mail not working error on android as well as Chrome is explained above. Hopefully, you have understood the reasons and the solutions to fix the error at the same time. Moreover, when the Yahoo mail error still exists on your device or browser, then you must get further support from its customer service team.


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