Why is Yahoo mail not working on iPhone

Yahoo mail not working: Acquire basic knowledge about the causes and solutions  

Yahoo email account is largely used by users across the world at the present time. It is one of the best webmail services that provide you massive help and information to share the information with the client at any time. It can be installed and configured on various technical devices as per their operating software. Most of the users are considering that we can utilize our Yahoo email account on our iPhone device simple. Their intention is accurate and also agreeable but for that, it is important to know some of the important things before using your Yahoo email account on the iPhone device. Sometimes Yahoo mail not working on iPhone and to get the solution, it is important to know the cause of the issue makes you drastically eligible to deal with the issue in an efficient manner at any time.

If you are thinking several times that what will be the real cause of the issue so that you find the actual solution to fix it soon. For that, you can search the cause of such kind of technical glitch over the internet by typing on the search bar why is Yahoo mail not working on iPhone; you will find more and more results.

Let’s know the causes of Yahoo mail not working on iPhone:

The prime reason you are required to check is internet connectivity which is the basic suspicious for Yahoo mail not working on iPhone device. If you are really out of the WI-FI coverage area, this may happen on your iPhone. Further, you need to check out the settings of your iPhone to run your Yahoo email account instantly. It is also important to update the settings of the Yahoo account and then the app might not work because of the outdated app. You should reset your iPhone device and update your Safari internet browser to make your iPhone device perfect to run any kind of email account suitably.

Get solutions to fix Yahoo mail not working on iPhone:

It is quite common to face a variety of issues with your Yahoo email account, but after identifying the real cause of the issue you are always eligible to find the proper solution at the right time. Some of the best methods are showing down.

Method 1: Check if your Yahoo mail account is working or not:

You need to check Yahoo mail is working on other internet browser and device and also once check, it is working on your IPhone as well. Follow some useful steps to check it.

  • At first, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings to check out the apps.
  • Go to the internet browser and try to log-in with its proper credentials to access.
  • Make sure that it is accessing and you can read the emails and press log-out button at the end.

 You have confirmed that Yahoo mail not working due to some other issues on iPhone device.

Method 2: Update your iPhone:

It is important to update your iPhone using its iOS and find the proper solution now.

  • Firstly, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings and choose general settings.
  • Check out the software to update and follow the on-screen instruction to complete it.
  • Click on the done button and access your Yahoo with its proper credentials finally.

It is hoped this method can resolve Yahoo email account issue immediately.

Method 3: Delete and re-add:

You can delete and re-add your Yahoo email account on iPhone to make it work fine easily.

  • Beforehand, turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings and find your Yahoo mail account.
  • Enter the email address and password and go to the settings to click on the remove button.
  • Afterward, go to the Apple mail account option and select the add button by choosing the manual tab.
  • Go to the settings and search the Yahoo email account enter the credentials and press the next button.
  • Select IMAP (Incoming mail server) to enter the full email address into the field and then select the port number for both.
  • Follow the same for SMTP (Outgoing mail server) and click on the SSL mail server to press the yes button.
  • Enter the password and click on the done button at the end.   

For further help and assistance, do contact our tech support team that is available to help you at any time.


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