Hainan airlines

Hainan Airlines – it is the airline of China which has its headquarter in Haikou, Hainan , People Republic of China .It is the fourth largest airline in Asia I terms of the passenger carried, the airlines provide its service in 500 destinations and also provide the charter  services , if the individual wants to get the hands of experience then one has to fly with the airlines and for the same the reservation can be done either online or the same can be done by calling the Hainan Airlines phone number and the airlines has the frequent flyer programe called Fortune wings club

Hainan Airlines Reservation Process

If the individual wants to fly with the airlines for the same reservation has to be done which can be done at the Hainan Airlines reservation phone number with the help of the expert and the same can be done by taking the steps which are as following

  • First and foremost one has to go on the website and the individual will be asked to select the location and the preferred language
  • Among the available options select the flight reservation , redeem award ticket, hotel
  • By selecting one way , round trip and multicity one will be required to enter the destination of the travel , dates ,number of people flying and click on  find
  • Among the available options select the flight as per the preference
  • Now one will be asked to enter the enter the details as name , date of birth, gender , contact details once the details have been entered one will be asked to make the payment and confirm the  reservation

Hainan Airlines baggage policy  

it is important for the individual to know about the baggage policy so that one does not have to pay the extra fee and the policy is as follow to seek more clarification one can speak at  the Hainan Airlines Reservations number

  • Each individual is allowed to carry one bag and one personal item maximum dimension carryon luggage 115 cm  and weight allowed 22lb this is for the passengers travelling  between China and North America
  • For the international flights two bags are allowed if one is travelling within First and Business class and the maximum dimension 38*28*15 cm and total weight 22lb and if one is travelling from Economy class maximum dimension 20*40*55 cm and total weight allowed  11 lb
  • If  the individual is flying within China two bags are allowed maximum dimension 20*40*55 cm and total weight 20lb if the reservation is in first class however if the individual is travelling in the business and the economy class maximum dimension allowed 20*40*550cm and the total weight allowed 11lb

Hainan Airlines Ticket Refund Policy

there can be i9nstances that the individual has the change in the plan and one wants to make changes in the ticket or at times cancel the reservation which is possible and the individual show know the Ticket Refund Policy

  • The individual is required to fill the refund application form
  • One will be required to enter the name of the passengers
  • After the submission of the form , it will be automatically processed and for the conformation one can see the itinerary on Check My Trip it will be invalid
  • One will get the response within 72 hours of the form submitting and if there is no9 response one can call the Hainan Airlines phone number
  • The individual has to ensure that reservation is cancelled 24 hours prior of the booking