Air Canada Customer Service

What Is Ticket Booking Process Of Air Canada Airlines?

Air Canada is one of the favorite airways of the frequent travelers because of its unique service and facilities offered. Any traveler can reach the Air Canada customer service and reservation at phone number at 1-888-247-2262 from Canada and USA only.  The travelers can make their suggestions, complains or even share compliments over email. The only request from the Air Canada customer service department is to send the email via the official website of Air Canada only so that the concerned person can revert back with the best possible solution to the earliest possible without delaying any time.

Air Canada Reservations

The traveler can use the Air Canada reservations phone number and can seek the below mentioned support.

  • Cancel an Online Booking
  • Refund Services
  • Billing Enquiries
  • Customer Care & Baggage
  • Customer Relations
  • eCoupons and Travel Vouchers
  • Customer service plan

1. Cancel an Online Booking

The traveler can cancel their online booking only under certain conditions that include:

  • Booking directly from website
  • Cancelling entire booking
  • Cancelling at least two hours prior departure

2. Refund Services

The traveler can apply for refund service only under certain conditions that include:

  • Refund request is only possible through the original point of purchase
  •  In case of fully refundable fare, it would be automatically initiated to the travelers account via refund process
  •  If booked directly with Air Canada then traveler can cancel the upgrade booking by contacting Air Canada Reservations 
  •  In case booked through travel agent or any another airline or website then they need to contact them directly

3. Billing Enquiries

For Ticket receipt or payment card billing enquiries for past travel, the traveler needs to provide

  • Copy of a ticket or receipt
  • Ticket usage information
  • Itinerary information
  • Explanation of a payment card charge

4. Customer Care & Baggage

For any baggage issue or any other travel-related concern, the traveler need to use the official website and use the form to send them an email

5. Customer Relations

The Customer Relations team endeavors and respond to the feedback and concerns regarding the travel experience

6. eCoupons and Travel Vouchers

The user can redeem their Travel Vouchers either electronically or through paper travel voucher

7. Customer Service Plan

It outlines the policies and addresses to key service elements that most affect the customers according to their expectation