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Hp printers are termed as the best printer available all over the world for the user. The printers of Hp comes in various models and versions and has amazing features when it comes to printing.

There are various features that makes Hp printers worth using. These features specifies the working of Hp printers and makes it more reliable for the user. Therefore, to get more details about Hp printers and it's different models, user can simply contact the Hp printer customer service at any time for getting the best help.

Furthermore, mentioned below are some of the best features of HP printers:

1. Hp printers comes with various varieties so that the user can choose the best one for themselves.

2. These printers are not only for the official use but can also be used at homes for printing documents for any project work etc.

3. Hp printers are easy to use and are very user friendly so that user's of all age group can utilise it for their printing work.

Besides to get more details on the available features of Hp printers, user can straightaway call on the Hp printer customer service number at any time and can get in touch with the trained representatives. This number can be availed on the official site of Hp and can be dialed all day long.

On the other hand, these printers not only have advantages but also have various issues that the user face every now and then while working on it. The issues are sometimes complex and requires the best possible solutions. So, for this purpose the best way to get the solutions is by contacting the Hp printer technical support who are active for all 24 hours. 

Hence, mentioned below are some of the issues and solutions of HP printers:

1. HP printer has ink but prints faded:

If you are facing printer print faded issues then follow the below step or contact Hp printer customer service toll free number. 

  • Remove the cartridges from the printer.
  • Shake the cartridge and put it back.
  • Clean the head of the printer 
  • Once the head is cleaned the user should again put it back.
  • When these steps still not solve the issue, then the user should try to test a page. By testing a page in printing it clearly shows the correct issue and further it can be solved.

2. HP printer is showing offline: 

When your HP printer showing offline mode then follow the given step and also talk to HP printer technical support executive.

  • Firstly reboot their printers. 
  • The user should then check whether the printer is plugged in to the computer or not. Also check for internet connections as well. 
  • Now the user should sign in to their computers with an account that shows manage printer option. 
  • Then select the start option and from there select devices and printers. 
  • The user should then give a right click to the printer and from there click on the option named see what’s printing. 
  • By doing this the printer spooler will be displayed. 
  • Select printer and then click on the option named use printer offline so as to make it disabled. 

3. HP printer not working:

When you are trouble Hp printer not working problem then you can follow below step and also you can talk Hp printer customer service number. 

  • First of all the user should restart their systems on which they are connecting with the printer. 
  • Also the user should make sure that their printer is connected with the network or not. 
  • The user should also check the VPN and should make sure that it is connected or not. 

4. How to change HP printer network name: 

Follow the step when you are try to change HP printer nework name and also provide a support HP printer customer service executive.

  • First of all the user should go to the server hosting option on the printer. 
  • Then after this the user should give a right click to the printer that they want to rename. 
  • Once this is done, the user should click on the printer properties menu and further should edit the name of the printer. 
  • This should be done by going to the General option and there only the user should change the name. 

Furthermore, for knowing more about the HP printers and it's issues the user can also call on the HP printer technical support number and can talk with the representatives. This service number is also available for all through the day for helping the user. 

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