Outlook password reset is basically the reformed version of the hotmail account which is the official account of the microsoft company.This is the only common account for all the apps and services of the microsoft so you need to create an account on the official site of the microsoft by going through the simple registration steps.

how to reset outlook password?

The step by step process to do outlook password reset is explained below:-

  • You first of all need to go to the official page of the
  • Then you sign in to the outlook account by entering the email address and the password
  • After that you have to just click on the profile image that is present on the upper right corner of the inbox
  • Followed by pressing the account settings, now once you are done with this thing then
  • You have to click on the security and the password option that is basically a option in the menu
  • Now the next step is the verification step, here you will be verified for the being the user of your account
  • Here the microsoft also send code to the back up email address of yours
  • Now in case you do not have that email account then you can choose the option saying i do not have these anymore
  • After that you just need to click change password button link which is located under the password and security information
  • Now you just need to enter the new password and then click on the save changes option

So these are the simple ways to reset the outlook password but sometimes it happen that you feel like Outlook password reset not working. The main reason for this error is that you may not be using the right credentials to login to the account in order to change the password or you may not be feeling the right steps in order to do so. That is you may be following the wrong steps and hence could not properly do the reset of the password for the outlook account.

How to reset outlook password on iphone?

Now in case you wants to do the Outlook password reset on iphone then you need to follow some different kind of steps like:-

  • You need to first of all go to the settings option on to your iphone device
  • And after that you have to just click on the options like mails, calenders contacts etc
  • Now once you reach to this step then you have to just select the account for which you have to change the password
  • Like here since you wish to change the password of the outlook account and hence you need to select this option only
  • And then you enter the new password in the field mentioned
  • Followed by re-typing the password in order to confirm it
  • And in the final steps you open the save changes option.

Why need outlook phone number?

Outlook phone number perfectly serves the purpose of users in their needs and requirement of solving simple and serious issues related to Outlook products and its related services in a successful manner in the open market. It is to be noted that simple issues are rectified by Outlook helpline number and its technicians, staffs and executives by providing instructions and guidelines to its users with lot of perfection. On the other hand, certain serious password reset,recovery issues are rectified immediately by Outlook password recovery number. They also take the assists and support of the users in this particular matter. It is to be highly noted that user's cooperation and coordination is the need of the hour for Outlook tech support and its technicians, staffs and executives in providing apt services to them.


Dillion benjamin

07 March, 2022 00:50:51

Can not find out how to reset password ...the phone number on acct is no longer any good

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