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Looking for the legitimate solution for toshiba products :here are the solutions to fix:

The best Toshiba brand is extremely popular across the world just because of its world-leading diversified manufacturer, solutions provider, marketer of advanced electronic, as well as electrical products and systems. Especially, it is famous for the laptop and printer manufacturers which are tremendously used by the multiple users. These days, many of us looking for the best and innovative products and as a result, Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of business, just like digital products, including LCD TVs, Laptop, and PCs, retail solutions, electronic devices, including semiconductors, storage products, and much more.

Toshiba is widely involved with industrial and social infrastructure systems, including power generation systems, smart community solutions, medical systems and escalators & elevators; and home appliances as well. All these services are pretty essential to entire newly users for their completing the daily tasks of the personally and professionally. After all, Toshiba company is all about the technical products so there might be chanced to get affected by the technical issues at any moment. For that matter, Toshiba Technical Support professional is always available to offer the top-notch assistance at any time.

The customers might confront hardships with a variety of issues as given below:

Below point some issue are there if Toshiba user wants to discuss these issue in technical person then dial Toshiba technical support phone number.

  1. Toshiba black screen won't start.
  2. How to reset factory settings in Toshiba laptops.
  3. How to install Toshiba printer’s driver on mac.
  4. Toshiba printer prints blurred images and more.

In this content then users will get the solution of these above-mentioned issues by the help of Toshiba technical support engineers who commonly bound to deal up with numerous issues at any time.

Here is the solution when toshiba black screen won`t start:-

  • First of all, try to start the Laptop and then if it won`t start then still try again.
  • Press the F2 and F12 button to view the booting procedure.
  • Check out the BIOS and then make some specific changes in the display.
  • Now choose the restart tab and then start the device again.
  • Press the F2 button to start the windows in normal mode to make it work fine.

How to reset factory settings in toshiba laptops ?

  • First of all, shut down the Laptop and then remove the all external devices connected to the laptop including mouse, keyboard, USB hubs, Bluetooth adaptor etc.
  • Now connect the laptop to the AC power adaptor and then power on the laptop.
  • Press and hold down the ) key to release the keys when a warning message displays on the screen.
  • Make sure to select the most appropriate OS and then, click “Yes” to continue with the recovery process.
  • Now click the Recovery of factory software option and then start the recovery.
  • Wait a minute and then click the finish button at the end of the procedure.

Yet, if any user faces any issue and he doesn't know how to deal up with the issue then for the help contact Toshiba customer service centre to fix the issue on the right time.

Here is the solution on how to install toshiba printer’s driver on mac:

  • Start the Mac device and then open system preferences option.
  • Select "Print & Fax" under the "Hardware" section.
  • Select to add a printer and then enter the IP address information of the Printer want to install.
  • Now type a description name and then select the features installed on the Toshiba Printer.
  • Choose the driver software and then click the install button and click the restart button finally.

If still, having any issue and unable to work on the printer then contact Toshiba customer support team that fix the issue before long.


  • Start the printer device and then clean the printer head to avoid blurry text and images.
  • Check the correct paper size and type in the printer manual and make sure that it hasn't overfilled the paper feeder to avoid paper jams and may even stop a smudgy or uneven print problem.
  • Go to the re-install driver may fix printing errors such as strange characters# and unreadable text.
  • Replace the cartridge and then do the test printing command to check the fine printing service

if your printer again showing this issue then conatct Toshiba technical support number, Toshiba team try to resolve your printer issue in step by step.

Why needs toshiba technical support phone number?

For additional help and information, it is very easy to reach technician by making a call at Toshiba technical support phone number. This phone number is available 24 by 7 to access technical support team so not to worry about anything and dial the number to get the issue fixed on the certain point of the time.        

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