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Gmail is one of best emailing service from Google. It is due to its amazing compatibility and user friendly features. Many users are using Gmail and many of them want to have an email account with Gmail.  while working with Gmail, if user finds that gmail not working because of any issue then he can request for the help at Google customer service phone number. Here executives works very hard to provide technical help to users in every possible way.This article is thus dedicated to Gmail and its so common issues like :

  • How to sign up for Gmail?
  • How to change the username?
  • Google verification code for Gmail?
  • If I forgot my Google password?

How to Sign up Google Account?

Google customer need to create an account with Gmail for signing in the account. Below are the steps to create an account.

  • Open the link,
  • Click on the link, "new user?"or "sign up".
  • On the next page, user have to fill a form providing his basic details.
  • So first enter the first name, then enter the last name.
  • Provide a unique user id like
  • Then provide a unique password. The password must be of minimum 8 characters containing no personal information.
  • Then provide an alternate email id or a trusted phone number.This is not mandatory but user need these in case of account recovery.
  • Enter the gender, birth date and location.
  • Press on the button Next Step.
  • Now if user want he can upload a profile picture.
  • Enter the code given there in the box.
  • Check the check box for accepting the terms and conditions.
  • And now press the Create button.

Now user have created his account with Google and now he can login to his account.

How to Change the Google Username?

  • After creating the account if one wants to change his username then he should first press on the gear icon on the right side of the inbox.
  • Then scroll down and click on Settings.
  • In the Settings page,press on the tab "Accounts & Import "tab.
  • In this column,scroll down and look for option "send email as..".
  • Here user can see his current email id and username.
  • Click the link to change it as desired.
  • Click on the Save button to save the settings.

Google verification Code for Gmail

Now a days ,it is easy to peep in to some one's account.Knowing passwords is easy through few permutations or hacking software and apps.So user should keep his account safe and with the verification code,the account becomes more secure.Let's see,how it works.

  • Log in to the gmail account.
  • Now press the button,My Account,just under your profile picture.
  • On the Account page,click on the heading Sign in and Security.
  • On the next page,scroll down.
  • User can see the two step verification as turned OFF.
  • Make it ON.
  • Then user will be asked to provide the user id and password again for confirmation.
  • Then user have to enter a trusted phone number where Google can send the verification code.
  • After receiving the code,enter that code in the field given.
  • Now you can access the account.

This verification code add an extra layer of security to your account.Whenever you enter the password to log in,a verification code will be sent to the phone number you have provided.User first have to enter that code then only he can access the account.So any other person who wants to access the account will try to reset the password but then he have to enter the code and thus user will be able to know that his account has been accessed by any one else.

If I Forgot my Google Password 

Password lost or forgotten is the most common problem which almost every Google account user faces.There is no need to worry in this case because password can be reset at any time.

  • On the login page,click on Forgot password?
  • On the password recovery page,select the option,Forgot password.
  • Click Next.
  • Provide the user id and write the code given there in the box to verify the identity.
  • Again click Next. 
  • Provide the option where user need to receive the notification.Either phone or an alternate email id and click Next.
  • Check the notification received and then proceed to reset the password.

For any technical issue,just dial the Google customer service 24/7 number.Here certified technicians are available all the time to provide the effective solutions to each and every problem.

Why Contact us at Google Tech Support Phone Number

Google customer service is fully dedicated to meet the customers requirement and 24/7 available.User can call any time from any place and he can get the most satisfactory solution.There are no much delays in getting the solution.The executives are willing to deliver the Google tech support through phone or email or remote access.

User should use the features of Gmail and make their life easy with Google and get all the problem solved by Google customer service team.



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Hai my gmail password unlocking please help me

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Please help I lost my phone with all my information in it. I can’t log in to my google account. My email is fmjnice1@

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