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Everything You Need To Know About VK Tech Support

VK is a Russian online social networking services. founder Pavel Durov was released in October 10, 2006 . vk is available in multipal language but this is popular for russian country. vk is use to publicly and privately,create a group and so on, If you are vk user then we invite you to get a complete view of the areas where vk tech support is contributory. we are providing a get instant solution of vk.

Some Highlighted Features of VK

Below section there some vk features:

  • Text messaging 
  • News
  • communities
  • Like & comment button
  • Play video game
  • Streams video live
  • Play a music online 
  • Photo Sharing

VK provide a tool for manage all community and celebrity page, the site allow it user for transfer messaging,share a photo,create a community,news,video and music & many more.but some time vk users facing like password recovery issues or any other then don't wasting time call vk tech support phone number.

How To Sign Up VK Official Account?

If you want to sign up your vk account but you don't know how to active vk account then follow the below steps here:

  • Visit official website of
  • Now go to sign up option
  • Now enter the first name then enter the last name.
  • Now enter the date of birth 
  • Then select your gender
  • Now click on sign up button.
  • Now you see account validation page only for security reasons where are see auto selected the country and another text box enter the mobile number.
  • You get one activation number for your register mobile number
  • Then enter this activation number & now your vk account ready for use. 

If you are follow the above steps but you are not able to ragster your vk account then don't wast a time and call vk tech support number.

VK Password Recovery Phone Number

If you have signed in using your mobile number then you can reset your password via sms. And if you have signed in using your e-mail id then you can reset through your respective e-mail id. furthermore, you'll be able to retrieve your password through it. but if you are not avail to reset a password of vk then contact us vk password recovery team number.

If you need more assistance regarding this then you can get in touch with the vk technical support representative on available 24/7 toll free number


Muhammad aziz

11 January, 2018 09:09:11

I forgot my vk account password, how to solve it let me know

Tyler davis

11 January, 2018 09:36:58

Some reason when i logged into my account it said i was banned from vk. I am not a bot and i dont harass anyone So i dont understand

Ben Gaffinet

16 January, 2018 06:24:33

Good afternoon, My VK account is definitely no longer under my own control. I constantly get emails telling me that people accepted my friend requests without me ever sending any. Ideally I would like to close down the whole account as it is inactive for quite a while. Thank you Sincerely Ben Gaffinet

Vladislav Demidov

20 February, 2018 09:56:57

Hello, I would like to delete my old profile of which I can not remember anymore the log in data. The telephone number had already be changed, and I cannot remember my old one. I hope you can help me. Here is the link to the profile: Thank you. Best regards, Vladislav Demidov

Dave Burns

18 June, 2018 18:37:20

In the USA. I have some thoughts and ideas to share. May we do it here or as a reply to your call or email?


29 June, 2019 18:06:41

My Account has been taken over by an unknown person, the name and profile pic has been changed and so has the password. immediate help would be amazing. thankyou!

Eren Kökgül

13 August, 2019 11:53:14

Hello, I would like to delete my old profile of which I cannot remember anymore the log in data. The telephone number haf already be changed,and I cannot remember my old one. I hope you can help me. Here is the link to the profile: Thank you. Best regards, Eren Kökgül.

Amy Moore

28 August, 2019 12:52:45

My account was high jacked a long time ago. I have not been able to log in for months and now and I am getting email messages saying people are contacting me. I need some help with this PLEASE. I am in Canada, please help me. - Amy Moore

bondan abiyoga

30 August, 2019 17:15:45

i need help i cant log in to my account try recovery i cant found my account


13 September, 2019 14:07:25


Seaneka Schneider

23 September, 2019 21:01:53

How can I find out if a vk user has changed their name

Kevin bates

01 October, 2019 05:30:34

Can’t restore my vk account

Abul Kalam Azad

20 October, 2019 18:40:55

I had an vk account that did not remember my user ID and password. No way being open, what to do now.

Pandegani Paratmadja

26 October, 2019 08:10:55

Hello, I would like to delete my old profile of which i cannot remember anything the log in data. the telephone number had already be changed, and i cannot remember my old one. i hope you can help me. here is the link to the profile : . Thank you Best regards, Pandegani Paratmadja.


29 October, 2019 17:34:57

Hello can u help me. Why my account vk cant reset password my account is ummar saiyan i am first owner this account and i did the account can u tell me why

Rita Marsanova

31 October, 2019 02:15:07

Hello, I have not logged into my VK account for awhile and do not remember the password. My phone number has recently changed so I can not use it to reset my password. Can you please give me some advice or information on what I can do to log into my account and confirm my identity.


09 November, 2019 18:42:50

I cannot access my account I have tried many times can you please help


14 December, 2019 13:05:18

здраствуйте.я не могу зайти на мою страницу вконтакте.я думаю .что сломали его.помогите заранее спасибо

Elshad Abdullayev

07 January, 2020 09:41:56

HI i forgot my vk account password my phone is not avalabile only use email

виктор жеков

08 February, 2020 17:54:25

i dont receve any phone calls and i cant use last 4 numbers to log in.vk go in hell i dont need this rusiian shit at all

Chris Chris

11 March, 2020 02:56:27

Hi, I want to delete my profile but I’m unable to remember or recover my password. My account ID is id174378758 and my old phone number of the account was 18182974916. That phone number is not in use anymore so I can’t receive text messages or calls on there. My new phone number is 18187302002. Please help me if possible, send an email or contact me at my new phone number. Thanks, Chris

Yngve ramstad

28 March, 2020 02:56:04

Can you delete my acount i dont want it, i made the account via facebook I have tried to delete my account via Facebook but it seem to not work.


27 May, 2020 04:50:56

My acc was hack

Ramon Stoppelenburg

25 June, 2020 07:15:14

Hi there, I tried to retrieve my login password and gave my phone number (Cambodia), uploaded a photo of me and the retrieval screen, uploaded my ID and confirmed the call. Never receive any call nor an SMS code to continue. Please help me out?

Jeff Wagner

16 September, 2021 21:39:51

i am trying to sign up/sign in to my VK account. you have my name and phone number. Jeffrey Wagner in Broken Arrow OK, USA 19188619238. But it says the phone number is blocked. This is the only phone I have. can you help me. I also have an email but would prefer to use the bz4enterprise. I have tried signing in with Facebook

Fawad Khan

03 September, 2022 14:15:11

My Vk account blocked please help me with Unblock my Vk account plz help me

ndu Anthony

29 September, 2022 12:37:07

I am having issues logging into my account


28 June, 2023 14:16:30

I’m unable to sign up. Using the app or the website.

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