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Netgear is a networking company which is based in America. It delivers its services in two sectors that is for commercial purpose and also for the retailer purpose. Today most of the Netgear users facing some basic issue like: netgear set up issue, installtion issue and password reset issue in that type issue resolve by our Netgear router customer service team and also discribe the below point.


Step 1: Open your computing device.
Step 2: Then after connect your modem to the netgear router.
Step 3:When done with the above, then connect your netgear router to the computer system with any of the LAN ports provided in the computer system.
Step 4: Put off your router and modem power off while connecting through the LAN post cables.
Step 5: When done with the proper connection between the computer, router and modem then turn on your all computing device and move to next level.
Step 6: If it does not support the connectivity then again turn it off and after a few minutes just make it ON again, for finishing the booting up in the system.

Hence, by following the above given steps you may be able to configure your router set up. If you have any problem while accessing or connecting the router set up then instantly call the ‘Netgear router customer service phone number’ which is totally free of services, and any one can avail it and that too from anywhere.


Below some steps are there which are support by Netgear router customer service team:

1. Open your personal computing device.
2. Now open any of the web browser in the system.
3. In the search bar, enter the netgear router IP address and press enter.
4. Then after it will prompt you to enter the login details such as username and password.
5. Enter the default username and password in the field.
6. Click on the ‘setup wizard’ then a set up window will appear.
7. There select ‘yes’ and click on ‘next’ button and move further.
8. When you will click on the next, the router will save the settings.
9.Then check the router status and maintenance for seeing the successfully connection of the router.

Hence, now your netgear router has been installed in the your personal system successfully. Now one can avail the services and facility from the netgear router. But if anyone wants any kind of support from the netgear router then you may contact to the ‘Netgear router customer service’ to provide you the full support and guidance in your field of interest.


If Netgear users travel IP address changing issue then below some technical point are there which are provide by Netgear router customer sevice team: 

* Open your computing device.
* Launch the ‘netgear genie’ software in your system.
* From that window move to the ‘advanced’ tab, and after that look to the other options.
* From there click on the ‘setup’ button, and then move further.
* Select the ‘LAN setup’ options in the given section.
* Now it will display the IP address box there you need to enter the router IP address in the required field.
* Now after that enter the new IP address for your further reference.
* Then click on the ‘apply’ button and move to next level.
* Now you have to wait for some time and as your router reboots for that moment.
* Check the ‘DNS’ settings in the field.
* Then update your ‘DHCP’ settings in the procedure.
* Finally click on the ‘apply’ button, now you have done with your job.

Now by following the above given steps you have successfully changed your router IP address for your future purpose. And in case you feel any doubt in applying these steps the kindly contact to the ‘Netgear router technical support’ employee and they will provide you the proper solution for your problem which you are facing at that particular moment.


Step 1: Open your personal computer system.
Step 2: Then launch any of your web browser in that system
Step 3: In the search space of the browser enter and press the enter button.
Step 4: Then it will display the login page of the netgear router.
Step 5: There enter the netgear router username and password in the required field.
Step 6: And if you have not changed the default username and password then you enter the username as admin and in the password field enter ‘password’.
Step 7: Then click on the ok button, a normal home page will display.
Step 8: Then after select the wireless.
Step 9: Enter the new username in the ‘name’ field.
Step 10: Then enter your new password in th ‘password’ field.
Step 11: Finally click on the ‘apply’ button and move to the next level.

Hence, when you have finished with this your router password has been changed successfully. And if in case you face any difficulty then call the ‘Netgear router phone number’ which is totally available free of cost for there users those who are willing to avail such services from the netgear router.


As above given is the solution to your problem which you my encounter while accessing the netgear router services. And if in case you need any assistance in connecting the router and receiving any such data from them then user may directly reach to the ‘Netgear router customer service’ team which will provide you the proper guidance in your issues and query.

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