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How To Create Optus Email Account ?

Optus webmail is a free email service and you can access your Optus email account on mac, pc, mobile and tablet. Optus webmail service includes mail, spam filter, drafts, folders and storage. Webmail lets you to use your Optus email through web browser. When you first subscribe with Optus DSL Broadband or Cable Broadband or Dial-up Internet you get a username and password that lets you to connect to the internet and verify your first email account for notifications.if any type of issue or any inqury then dial Optus technical support number.

In addition to your first email account you can make four extra email addresses for utilization at work or home. First you will have to sign up with Optus dial-up internet or DSL broadband or cable internet in order to have your primary Optus email account. Only then you can create additional email accounts. If you have a primary account and you want to create additional account, but you facing problem during additional account creation and if you are looking for help and online Optus technical support then please contact a specialist on this helpline number. Call to know the solution for new and additional email account creation.Call to get the right information for email account creation.

Optus Email Imap Setting Via Optus Customer Support Technicians

If you already have an Optus email account and if you would like to setup your email in Mac Mail, Outlook or any other mail app, for that you need to know Optus email IMAP and SMTP settings. Information about Optus email POP3 / IMAP and SMTP settings is provided below.

1.Open up an email app.
2. Enter your account details, and then select POP or IMAP.
3. Type in mail.optusnet.com.au in the Host Name field present under the Incoming Mail Server title
4. Type in your email username in the User Name field
5. The POP3 port is 110. The IMAP Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is 993.
6. Port for POP3 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is 995.
7. Type in mail.optusnet.com.au in the Host Name field present under the Outgoing Mail Server title
8. The SMTP port is 25. Port for SMTP SSL is 465.

Hope this information helps. If you are facing any problem during setting up your email, and if you would like to receive help and online Optus customer support then please contact an expert on this shown Optus technical support phone number. Call to receive help and solution for setting up email. All types of setup related issues, configuration based issues and login problems have been resolved by the experts in less time. The expert will tell you the right way to set up and configure your email using the correct incoming and outgoing mail server settings.

How To Set Up Optus Email On Windows Live Mail?

You can avail this webmailing service on various platform like you can use it on the android phone, or on your system or even on a windows phone. But for accessing it on different platforms you need to follow different procedure. Like for setting optus email on the windows live mail, you need to go through the following procedure:-

  • first of all you are open your outlook account which is basically one common account for all the jobs of the windows phone.
  • Then you press the option of the file
  • After reaching there you need to tap on the add account option
  • After that you are click on the mess which says manually setting the server settings
  • Then after clicking on the next button you need to add the email account that you want to set up here
  • Then just connect to the pop or the IMAP
  • Then tap next and you are done with this process.

These are the simple steps to set up the optus email on your windows phone, but just in case you are not able to get through the process than you always have an option of contacting the optus technical support.

Optus Tech Support Phone Number

If you are looking for real time help and solution for your email then contact an expert at this Optus email tech support number. Talk to an expert and tell expert your problem. The expert will give you solution in no time. Email related questions are answered by the experts. Issues such as emails not going, unable to reset password, unable to login are fixed by the experts. 


jenny wills

24 November, 2017 22:21:58

I received an alert from Optus on Thursday 23 November that I had used 2.56gb of data in a day or two. I would like to know the breakdown of that usage please.


12 April, 2018 00:17:57

when a phone number has 61 what prefix do I use

philip gilbert

17 April, 2018 22:04:46

Optus is supposed to send me a technician to check my phone line . my phone is now working no need to send tech now regards Phil

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