Google Account Recovery Date of Birth

A Quick Guide To Recover Google Account Via Date Of Birth 

Google account holders often face issues while using their accounts and hence, face frustration while recovering them. Even though Google has provide its various account recovery alternatives to its account holder but still sometimes users finds it difficult to use them to get their account back.    

Apart from email address and phone number, user can also get their account back by using Google account recovery date of birth. However, if you are facing the same issue and do not know how to use this alternative while getting back your account then worry not as this article will guide you with the proper steps.  

Steps To Recover Google Account Via Using Date Of Birth

Follow the steps mentioned below and recover your Google account. Alternatively, you can also do the Google account recovery by phone call if you have already tried every recovery method in order to retrieve password of your account.

  • Navigate to the account recovery webpage of Google in your mobile or web browser
  • Now, enter the last password that you can remember of your account or else select the I don’t remember my password link
  • Now, you will see the date of birth recovery page where you’ll need to enter the account creation date of your account in the given fields
  • If you can’t remember it then you’ll have to continue with the other recovery options i.e. email address or phone number
  • Now, choose any of these options and then get the recovery code on the selected one
  • Next, enter the code in the given field and then reset your account password by entering the new one
  • Now save the changes and  get access to your account

Furthermore, if nothing works then you can do the Google account recovery by phone call and get proper assistance from the professionals. They will ensure that you recover the password of your account and will assist you on any other issue.

Therefore, it was all about getting your Google account recovered via using Google account recovery date of birth.

How Can I Recover My Google Account with Security Question?

  • Similarly, you should reach the recovery page of Google.
  • Fill in your Google account username and click next.
  • Then choose the Forgot Password? Option.
  • And enter the last account password if you can recall it. Otherwise, go with the Try another Way option.
  • After that, you have to choose the recovery email address or phone number. You can skip that step by clicking Try another way option.
  • You need to select the Try another way option until you see the security questions option.
  • Once you get it, enter your answer and you will get the option to reset the password.
  • On finding the options, reset your Google account password and click the Save Changes option after resetting the password.

Moreover, if you don't find the Google account recovery with security question option over there, you should connect with the Google support team. They will help you thoroughly and let you regain access to your account.

How Can I Recover Google Account Without Security Questions?

  • At first, open the Google account recovery page, enter the username and click the Next option.
  • Then choose the Forgot Password? Option.
  • And you will be asked to enter the last password if you recall it, fill it. Or else, click Try another way.
  • Consequently, you would see the phone number associated with your Google account on your screen with missing digits. Identify it, and click next.
  • Further, you would receive a verification code via text message, you need to enter the code and click next.
  • Next, create, confirm the new password, and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

With these aforementioned steps, the Google account recovery without security question will be completed. On the off chance, if you face any problem while doing the recovery process, you can contact Google Support to get instant help.



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