Pinterest is not working on chrome

How to resolve pinterest not working on chrome

Pinterest is used as a social networking site.It is used for storing images and videos.It provides online board facility,with the use of this board you can create your own Pinterest board according to your choice.Pinterest users can interact with each other after creating account on Pinterest.Pinterest provides more security like other social media site.It supports online sharing content.Pinterest provides fastest services more than millions of users. 

Although pinterest is easy to use and it provides good quality of services but sometime when you open your pinterest account on Google chrome then there can be a problem when pinterest not working on chrome due to some technical issue .Then you need to fix this issue.If you want to resolve your problem then follow below given steps:

  • First you need to uninstall your Chrome browser and then again you need to reinstall.
  • Then you have to go in the setting options and you need to click on the button “Clear cache and cookies”.
  • Now you will have to enable Java script on your Browser.
  • Then you need to update your browser.
  • You will have to disable other extensions and use only one extension that is suitable for pinterest.
  • You can browse in private mode that will provide you more security.

Now you can easily fix this issue but still you are getting any issue that Pinterest not working then you can contact to Pinterest customer support for resolving this issue.Pinterest provides highly experienced technician for providing best solution.They are available for supporting any time to you.You can call any any time on this number.

Some common query which resolve by pinrterest technical team:

Some time when you use pinterest then there can be so much pinterest problems arise.some common problem which are faced by pinterest users are discussed below:

  • Pinterest login issue.
  • Unable to connect with Internet.
  • Fatal error with Pinterest.
  • Pinterest not working on your device.
  • Pinterest suddenly stopped working.
  • Pinterest password reset problem.

If you are getting any of above technical issue then you need to take help form pinterest technical support.Pinterest technician provide email support,phone support and online chat support.If you have email address of pinterest customer representative then you can email them of your problem to that address and they will revert back to you with best solution.


Sheryl Justin

11 December, 2017 10:22:37

pinterest downloads some pins and then stops. The button keeps spinning but no more pins appear

trev burgess

23 January, 2018 03:34:44

I installed the Pin for chrome, but when you hit save, there is no option to save to a board. Am I missing something?

Safaa Abdel Nasser

25 January, 2020 21:29:17

Been having trouble logging in Pinterest on Google. It is not allowing me even to put my password or re-set it. The page is blinking all the time

Marilyn Gould

13 February, 2020 21:01:16

I can get the front page of Pinterest,but even though my name still appears at the top.I can go no further and cannot get any of the gear i have put on there.

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