Can I change the name on my Brussels Airlines ticket?

Yes, anyone can easily change the name on their flight ticket on Brussels Airlines by numerous methods on their website, including calling number, email address, or visiting their office address nearest to you. Sometimes, we make spelling mistakes while booking our seats with any airline, but they provide easy-to-understand policies, terms, and conditions at a reasonable price and some restrictions. If you are finding ways for Brussels Airlines name correction, then go through the options suggested below:

What are the name correction policies in Brussels Airlines?

Many terms and conditions may apply while changing your name on a Brussels Airlines ticket. Here is the vital Brussels Airlines name change policy for a seamless journey.

  • You can change your name anytime or before the departure while you check-in at the airport. 

  • You can change up to two characters without paying service charges or fees. 

  • You can change your last name by submitting your marriage certificate, divorce documents, and any legal document that shows your identity proven by the government. 

  • You can change your official name by submitting an authorized ID offer from the government. 

  • If you find the mistake within 24 hours of booking, you can cancel your ticket and book a new one to avoid other charges. 

What are the charges for changing your name on Brussels Airlines?

You must pay up to $25 to $30 while correcting your name on the ticket. Brussels Airlines name change fee will depend on your time and character limit. If you change the character up to two, you don't have to pay any charge for the same, but if there are more than 3 characters, you have to pay fees according to their terms and conditions. For full name or last name changes, you must visit the airport address, where you will get the service from an executive about your issue. 

What are the requirements for changing your name with Brussels Airlines? 

If you want to change your name on Brussels Airlines, you must submit Brussels Airlines name correction requirements mentioned on their website. Suppose your name does not match your Visa. In that case, you must verify your identity by submitting government documents, including a divorce certificate, marriage documents, government-accessed identity proof, and other ID, to onboard the flight without any hassle or tension.

Does Brussels Airlines provide name correction facilities at the airport office?

Brussels Airlines offers numerous services, including a name correction facility at their airport office, to provide a smooth journey for them. You can navigate to the nearest office and have an interactive session with an agent, where you can submit the document and ask them to change your name. You can only change your name before check-in because once your boarding pass is generated, you will not be able to change your name. 

Call the toll-free number right now: Brussels Airlines does not permit you to change the whole name, but you can change up to two characters if you make any mistake while booking your ticket. If you want to change your name, you should contact the customer care number, which will guide you and make you understand the policies whenever you call their number, 1800 4011801, which is open from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10:30 pm to provide immediate help. You can note every step and fee to make your name correction process easy and relaxing. You may have to follow automated IVR instructions to talk with a live person. 

Make change via online method: According to their rules, you can not be boarded on any flight if your name does not match up with your visa, so if you have made a mistake while writing your name on the ticket, then you should go through Brussels Airlines name change online process to correct your spelling mistake and enjoy the flight seamlessly. If you have an issue finding this option, you can contact them by phone and ask about the procedure to make your journey worthwhile. To get this option, you have to go through the procedures mentioned below:

  • Head to the official website and select "manage my booking."

  • Now log in using your booking code and last name to enter your reservation details. 

  • Go to the name correction option and change the character accordingly. 

Visit the airport office: If you cannot change your name using the abovementioned information, you should go to the nearest office address, where an executive will handle your situation further and provide immediate help to make your journey unforgettable. You must pay service fees to meet an agent directly at the service center and ticket desk. You can also cancel your ticket and book a new one with zero mistakes for a full refund. 


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