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Vistara is known as Tata SIA Airlines Limited. Further, it is India-based airlines have decent traveling routes across the globe. Moreover, the facilities and services listed by this could be comparable to traveling uncertainty. Many unplanned things occurred at the time of the journey, and one of them was a spelling mistake in Vistara's flight ticket,  so these conditions could be tackled by going through various topics. If you are unaware of the same, you can peek at the titles mentioned at the bottom.

Can I change my name on the Vistara ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on the Vistara ticket. But the booking has to be qualified as per the set regulations. Further, when you bypass those conditions, you could get various methods for implementing those changes. Moreover, you can get the information about it by going through the information below.

Vistara changed the name on a call.

Attention from the human at the airline can be availed for a change of name over a call. While connecting with them verbally, you can find it easy to explain your reason and make your payment with ease. Further, dial Vistara's phone number at +1 4804435249 and then choose "name" options from the telephone menu. 

Correct your name online.

When you are looking to fix misspelled names on your own, you can get through its online modes. Here, you can have any additional costs and escape any further mishaps. Now, the guide for the Vistara name change has been mentioned at the bottom points:-

  • Reach to the official site of Vistara

  • Further, click on the manage my booking icon

  • After that, enter your booking reference number using your last name. 

  • On the next tab, choose name change options from the dashboard 

  • Later on, click on the edit icon and correct your name with the authenticated document.

  • Then, pay the cost of your change with an available source and click on the finish icon.

  • When the process is completed, you can have an updated ticket sent via the registered email.

Visit the airline counter at the airport.

A last-minute addition or name change on the airline ticket can be implemented by visiting the Vistara Airlines counter. There, you can make face-to-face contact with the on-ground customer service, and if you are competent enough for a change, you can have it with ease. Besides that, you can get an updated boarding pass on the spot. 

What is Vistara's name change policy?

Vistara allows changing a name according to the set terms and conditions. Moreover, you can find those regulations by reading the Vistara name change policy, which has been pointed out in the following points:-

  • An online name change of up to three characters can be done without charges.

  • When you have to modify more than one free character, you could have to pay name correction fees per the fare rules and destinations.

  • If you have made a reservation for a group, you can change your name without paying any sum before issuing a flight ticket.

  • An initial used in the flight ticket could be enlarged for free, too.

  • When you have to change a name due to marriage or divorce, you get to submit the document to the airline for approval.

  • An airline might not recognize a name change matter for a ticket booked through a travel agent. In this case, you get to approach them.

How much does it cost to change a name on Vistara?

An omission of the name on the Vistara could be done free of cost. Further, this benefit is restricted to elite members of specific categories. If you do not classify into any of these, you could have to pay name-correct fees, which could be around $40 to $380. 

Can I add my middle name to the Vistara ticket?

Yes, you can add a middle name to your Vistara ticket. Further,  the addition and subtraction of the middle could not be subject to any additional cost but have a long duration. It is because their presence doesn't affect anything in the itinerary. 

Does Vistara allow a complete name change?

No, Vistara doesn't allow a complete change of name. But you could get room to correct a name, which is up to a limited character within the limited time frame. Further, this regulation could also depend on the airfare rules and routes. 

How long before I can change my name on Vistara Airlines?

A name can be modified on the Vistara for free and change. But both conditions apply if you change a name within the set time duration. However, you might not be able to change your name within 2 hours of flight departure. 

Can I transfer my Vistara flight to another person?

No, you might not be able to transfer your booking to someone else. However, if you misspelled your name or have to add specific characters in the itinerary, you can do that, but that has to be done under its name change policy. Moreover, you can also purchase a flight ticket for another person.


In the end, you can find information concerning the Vistara name correction process, policy, and other queries. Furthermore, if you have any more issues, you can get through their customer service team and make a journey compelling. 


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