How do I change my name on my Porter flight?

Supposedly, your name has been misspelled in your Porter Airlines ticket. You can ask their representatives for Porter Airlines name correction and inquire about the procedure, correction fee, and any other doubts. Go through the methods listed below to find out what mediums you can use to change your name on the airline ticket. You will also be provided with the policies, terms and conditions, and other necessary information you need to know about the name correction procedure. 

Get help for a name change via the Porter Airlines Helpline number.

You can contact Porter Airlines agents through their customer service number for any issue with their services. For Porter Airlines name change, dial their helpline number - 1 (888) 619-8622. Their officials will assist you in making necessary modifications to your flight ticket. Their call assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it is better to call them from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. so that you can get a hold of their officials quickly and avoid busy lines.

Change your name through a travel agent.

Porter Airlines only modifies the flight tickets booked through their website or specialized team. If you have made your flight reservations through any travel agent or a travel website, you need to contact them to request modifications to your flight ticket. The concerned airlines cannot change tickets issued through an external agency. You should submit all the essential documents to your travel agent so that he can process your name modification request efficiently.

Modify your flight bookings through their website.

The name changes are of various kinds, and if you only want to update your middle name to ensure authenticity, you can do so by the Porter Airlines website itself. Their website operates 24/7, so you can make necessary alterations to your bookings whenever you want. You will be notified by an email acknowledging that your request for name changes has been approved. You need to follow the process mentioned below to update your middle name on your flight ticket:

  • Visit the official website of Porter Airlines to begin.

  • Tap on the 'My Bookings' tab on the home screen.

  • Enter your confirmation number and last name.

  • Press on the 'View Itinerary' button to continue.

  • Your flight details will appear on the screen.

  • Edit your bookings and update your name. 

What is Porter Airlines' name change policy?

With the concerned airlines, the name change policy is crucial to know what changes you can make, how much you need to pay, etc. You can visit the official website of the concerned airline to learn about Porter Airlines' name change policy. Here are some of the essential policies that you should know:

  • You can correct the spelling of the passenger's first name up to a maximum of three characters.

  • The flyers' last names can also be altered up to three maximum characters.

  • Minor changes like adding a middle name or removing a prefix or suffix are also allowed.

  • All the changes listed above can also be made through the travel agents.

  • Significant changes can only be made through Porter Airlines, such as legal name changes, correcting the complete spelling, etc.

  • You need to send the supporting documents for your significant name changes to gain approval from the concerned airlines.

Terms and conditions for name changes in Porter Airlines.

Porter Airlines can only change the name or bring modifications to the tickets if you pass their specific terms and conditions. The policies mentioned above can only be applied if your ticket falls in the category prescribed by the respective airlines. Below are some of their crucial rules:

  • The policies are applied only to e-ticketed reservations that are wholly unused and issued on Porter 451 ticket stock.

  • Porter Airlines must market and operate all the flights on the itinerary.

  • Only one name rectification is allowed per the original document.

  • The Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) information must be corrected before reissue.

  • Some name correction exclusions exist, like the ticket being partially booked or segmented as a no-show, the tickets being issued by another carrier, etc.

How much does it cost to correct your name on the Porter ticket?

Porter Airlines, name correction charges vary according to the type of change you requested, whether you asked for it within 24 hours of your ticket purchase, and many other factors are also involved. Generally, the Porter name change fee ranges from $50 to $200. You may receive a deduction in the name correction fee if you are a member of any elite club or frequent flyer program. You can contact their customer service for detailed information about the name correction charges.

What other changes can you make to your Porter Airlines bookings?

Porter Airlines allows you to change your name and make different modifications. This provides flexibility to the passengers and ensures that they have a comfortable flying experience with the respective airlines. Here is a list of the changes that you can make your reservations:

  • In-flight Changes:- You can ask for changes in your flight services like new seat assignments, class upgrades, in-flight meal and beverages options, etc. They may charge you for special requests.

  • Flight Alterations:- If you do not like the services of the flight that you booked, you can even ask the executives of the concerned airlines to change your flight or even ask for a cancellation.


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